Loud squeezing sound


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Oct 22, 2022
So I reassembled my engine after replacing the gaskets and now the clutch doesn't even have to be pulled to rotate the wheel and when I pedal and dump it it makes a horribly loud squeezing sound as it tries to start but couldn't get it started cuz I was afraid of what the sound might be damaging please help
the bike so i can get a better idea of what it looks like, are you getting spark, compression and fuel into the cylinder?
Do you have good compression? compression is squeezing of air.

Squeezing sound with bad compression means ya got a compression leak


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Check around your head gasket, make sure nuts on cylinder head are torqued to 12ft/lbs.
Leaking head gasket makes hideous noises sometimes. Rechecking head torque should be done.

If I had to guess...with what info given...it sounds to me like the clutch is not fully engaging. A clutch slip can make the clutch squeal too...like a wounded bird.

It just made me think slipping clutch when he said,..."now the clutch doesn't even have to be pulled to rotate the wheel.... dumping clutch makes horrible squeal." If the engine compression is high enough on a misadjusted clutch or related other issue you will get that sound. The pads slip instead of the engine turning over.