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    Well.. I used to have a problem with the gas leaking out of the carburetor. I stop the leaking by going to a "parts" carb that came with my kit from my friend Jim. So here's my question; When it leaked gas it had plenty of power. Now that I have the other carburetor on I have no more leaks but I have lost a lot of power. I now lose power going up hills that I never did before.

    Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on? Do you think I need to get a new carburetor? I really don't like the low power I have now.
    Thanks in advance for any help.


  2. srdavo

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  3. You could try swapping the jets.

    it wont take to long and the price is right ..free.


  4. Ghost0

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    Here is my 2 cents, your older carb leaked because the float was set too high allowing excess fuel into the carb, overflowing and causing the leak. Your new carb probably has the float set too low and you eventually will starve for fuel especially going up or down a hill. I would adjust the float and see what happens.
  5. crabdance

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    Hi Ghost0,

    As I have said a few times before, I'm not much of a mechanic. How are you talking about adjusting the float to see if things get better. Are you talking about bending the "wishbone" prongs?
  6. crabdance

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    swapping the jets

    Hi Bob,

    I like the idea about swapping the jets.. just don't know how to do it. I will do some research on the project and see what I can come up with.

  7. Ghost0

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    Yes the float adjustment is done by bending the prongs on the float mechanism. If it is starving for fuel you will want to bend them up slightly.
  8. crabdance

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    Hi Ghost0.... I just checked the prongs on the float mechanism and they are really good (a-ok). So that's not what's happening to my newer carburetor. Thanks for the help though. Any other ideas? Is there anything you can do with the throttle mechanism to help?... just wondering, don't know much about this stuff <grin>
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    How do you know they are OK? What specification are you using to measure the float level?
  10. crabdance

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    Well, I'm just using my sight. My other prongs on my other carb were bent all to heck. This one is straight and the prongs will go all the way to the top with ease. Plus all the way down. The action is very smooth too. I know of no other way to check. If there is one let me know. I'm still new at this. so thanks for the help.
  11. Ghost0

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    It all depends on when it shuts off the fuel flow. If you think it is starving for fuel bend them up a little which will let more fuel in the bowl. Keep doing this until it starts to leak or you problem is solved. If your problem is not solved and it is leaking it is something else.
  12. crabdance

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    Ok... I think I get it now... you bend it up to let the float go up higher. Is that right?
  13. Bronzebird

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    yep, higher fuel volume in bowl will result

    Let us know what the problem is through process of elimination.
  14. Ghost0

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    You got it.
  15. crabdance

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    Thanks Bronzebird and Ghost0... I will try that in the morning. Getting late here now. will let you all know how everything goes.
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    Hi dave... I missed your note... No I never found out why the other carburetor was leaking. I have someone here in TN who is going to look at it for me. If I can get the same power it used to have without the leaking I will go for that.
  17. crabdance

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    I don't know if this makes sense or not but I tried this. I opened the choke up almost halfway. When I did this it filled the bowl with gas but did not change the power problem I seem to be having. In fact I could not tell any difference for the most part. I don't really want to bend the prongs if I don't have too. Any other ideas? I bought a new spark plug today and that did not help.

    edit: My carburetor prongs have a full range of motion that is all the way up and all the way down and does not stick.
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    I seem to be having the opposite problem... A HT-73, running amock. Once I get it started, it runs fine, till I go out for a run.. Once I slow for a stop, as soon as I disengage the clutch, the motor revs up, stays like that for more than a few minutes, then stalls-out. Now, I seem to remember, from dealing with an old Wheelhorse lawn mower, that 2-cycle engines tend to rev-up when they're beginning to run low on fuel, just before they shut-down from starvation. Then, it's difficult to start again unless I choke it.

    I've stripped the carb down completely, flushing out every orifice with carb cleaner, a 22-gauge copper wire in any small hole I could find, but it still runs this way.. Very frustrating! ANy help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Mountainman

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    little hard for you to get the picture

    those prongs -- we just wish not to bend at times
    but --
    if we do not give it a try -- we will never know

    note -- prongs (never knew what they were called) can always be bent back
    it's possibly not about your float sticking
    is that bowl staying near full under load ???

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  20. crabdance

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    Hi Mountain Man,

    I've been getting more used to the workings of the carburetor and have come up with the following idea; My problem is not my carburetor, it must be my engine or something (oh no). So here's my question to everyone, If it's not the carb, what else would cause the loss of power symptom?

    Thanks for the help everyone,

    edit: I found out that it was not the carb by trying out 3 different carbs and getting the same results.
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