Low Pressure Steam?


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Apr 18, 2008
Hey, dbigkahunna:

I seem to recall in the hydrogen fuel thread that you expressed an interest in utilizing low pressure steam as a power source.

I know a bit about that topic, having helped build a tracking solar concentrator boiler system about 30 years ago. The steam supplied a recirculating twin cylinder reciprocating engine that was used to run a 4KW generator rig. After use, the steam went through a gas/liquid heat exchanger to preheat the inlet water side, then a radiative condenser and back around.

It was a pretty straightforward rig; the engine was the first two cylinders of an old Pinto engine, with the pistons pulled on the back two and splash baffles installed.

Being in Denton, you can reliably expect sufficient sunny days to get usuable steam at least 250 days a year, or more. Holler at me if you are interested.


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Feb 14, 2008
SimpleSimon, I know that in my hydrogen post it was "RedGreen" that showed interest in low pressure steam We've been talking through PM and he gave me a link. Maybe contact him about it also. "green steam engine" on the net and youtube.______graucho