Lowrider Trike

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  1. Ytyukon

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    I have rebuilt the rear axle. I learned that the plastic does not hold much strength...thought it would. I might have to rebuild the rear frame steel.
    I rebuilt the axle left, in the pic. and putting that steel bar in the middle underneath. that should solidfy the wheel base. If not I will have to rebuild in steel.
    Gonna keep it a trike...is gonna be a kool ride either way.
    In case u wondering where the chain is gonna be. right side flipping the right wheel around...drive forward...rebuilding it as like the left. and will run the jackshaft bar off the back. the first jackshaft will be upfront. that will have the engine sprocket and 2 other sprockets...one fixed, one freewheel.
    Note: I am taking the second forks off the middle of frame. not needed.

  2. Frankfort MB's

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    Looks good, run sealed bearings on the hubs if you don't then it will just throw grease out the bearings (had it happen on a Schwinn meridian)

    How are you going to lower it?
  3. Ytyukon

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    its pretty low as it is is a lowrider. 20" at the front 2 26" rear. the one in my avatar pic I converted it.