Lube those gears!!!



My bike seemed to be vibrating a little more than usual (I know, How could I tell?) I double triple checked all the nuts, bolts and screws- nothin'!

Then I pulled the gear cover off. Even though I greased it before I ever ran it, after 250 miles or so, they were bone dry and the cover had a LOT of black metal dust on it/behind it.

After cleaning all of it out and re-greasing the gears....viola! vibrations gone.

Smoother than eva.
oh, you're just saying that because i was talking about checking mine :p

seriously, he's right: clean that compartment out as good as you can, then give the teeth of the gears a very light coating of the best gear-lube you have available.

a dab'll do ya...i use a q-tip and go around the whole gear tooth by tooth.

don't let any grease get anywhere else or you'll be posting a question about a slipping clutch next :LOL:
Any specific grease recommendations? I'm not a gearhead, so brands and model numbers are greatly appreciated :)

In regards to cleaning the compartment, how does one clean it?

TY for your help! n
first of all bikeguy...its voila not viola lol :D jk

what gonna be doing soon on my bike is on the gearbox cover, directly above the space where the two gears meet, im gonna drill a whole, create threads with a screw tap, then im gonna put in a grease nipple which looks like this:

with this, every few miles i can fill the gearbox with lithium grease by using a grease gun, by doing this, i wont have to take my gear box as often.

i think its a good idea, jon
might not be such a good idea... :eek:
all thats needed is a small bit of grease (about the size of a navy-bean (thanks SrDavo)applied where the gears mesh), any more than that and expect your clutch to start slipping badly :cry:
the grease will migrate to the dark side and you will be cleaning clutch pads :cry:
well, i see what you mean...but, i could get one thats extended like this:


by using this, if its too long i can cut it shorter but the lengh to where its just above where the gears meet and two or three pumps with the grease gun and voila, its greased :D

2 pumps would be too much, imo...also, eventually you have to open it up anyway to clean out the dust/shavings/grease "mud" that accumilates in the corners. while it's a neat idea, i think you may be asking for possible clutch trouble...again, just my opinion.

let us know how it goes, i love pleasant surprises 8)
ill have to get the right parts, i might be able to do it this weekend. im not shure. if it doesnt work ill just take it out and plug the whole :D