Lube those gears!!!

good luck, and keep us informed on how it goes
just a little off topic, how important is the gasket on the large cover? Mine ripped and I don't want to cut a new one everytime I lube up :eek:
only gaskets i have left are:
head gasket
original (yes, original) exhaust gasket
homemade intake gasket (which i can scissor-out by eye, ask beach cruzin)

everything else is high-temp rtv only.

Herrmanator8, back to you...
Man guys ,my motor must be the exception to the rule, when I built it I took a hand full of wheel bearing greese and packed that cover....that has had to have been 250 miles ago and I have no clutch slipage as of yet
After reading this, I have not checked mine :eek:

Need to get some grease and dab some in there. :D
I don't have any grease... I do have a clutchbox full of grey metal shavings - I guess that's why my engine is so freaking noisy. I'll have to hit autozone and get some new gasket material and a can of axle grease.
i think its best to keep atleast the bottom part so that oil doesnt drip out, maybe some liquid gasket might be a good temporary seal (i wouldn't recemmond it.) Does anyone know where i can get some QUALITY gasket? that cheap chinese stock gasket blew on my first mile... :???:

the gasket is mainly to keep crap out of your gears....ever been to a beach?....sand gets everywhere! dirt too.
you don't need two pumps with a grease gun.....a little dab, every couple months...(your mileage may vary)
there are 5 bolts to take the gear cover off.
gasket or not.....put a dab of grease in there.
5 to 10 minutes...time well spent.

sorry for ranting.....
......not really :LOL:
I think the extended grease zirk is a good idea but you only need 1/8th pump on the grease gun and thats the little gun. Wouldn't be a bad idea to open and clean every 500 miles or so. The initial greasing is probably the most important.
Just my 1.75% of a cents worth. 8)
i guess your right, after my first hundred miles (20 miles away) ill take the engine off and clean the piston all the gears inside the engine case, i plan on degreasing the engine and painting my engine black with high temp paint, but ill also try the grease nipple just for kicks and if it works ill put some grease in every 50 miles or so just to keep performance high and keep the metal shavings to a minimum. im thinking about buyin a siezed engine for cheap just for parts whenever i have a problem.