Lube those gears!!!

I wonder how often the gears should be greased....I do understand why you should not put too much in but as they come from the factory it seems as though they do not use any?
from being able to observe 5 different dax's in action, all i can say is each engine seems to develop it's own "personality"'s worth the time to over-do (check, not lube) in the beginning to find out what frequency your engine requires...clean that compartment out any time you're in there, imo.
ive got the parts and a 6mm tapping bit, im gonna do it maybe on friday.

I'd recommend open gear lube. It is a lubricant designed to be applied to moving gears. It is more viscous than oil and more sticky than grease. I use it on all the gears on my antique machine tools.

What is a good source of open gear lube?...I've never heard of it but am always ready to learn!
Autozone, Checkers,Napa autoparts have it Also wal-mart in the automotive department

by using this, if its too long i can cut it shorter but the lengh to where its just above where the gears meet and two or three pumps with the grease gun and voila, its greased :D


interesting to see how grease will land on the right spot with the right amount ,,maybe if you grease when the motor is hot a better chance that the grease would get to all parts ,since the grease would turn to almost a liquid , you will have to take off cover a few times to see how well it works ,, and i hope you can give us a report ,,,
Has anyone ever tried motorcycle chain lube, the stuff thats not supposed to fly off?
me too

my engine has a centrifugal clutch so puting grease on the gears is a real
pain i had the same idea about a hole in the case i am thinking of drilling it
at about 2 o'clock on the cover(when viewed from the side) and just pluging it with a short bolt
does'nt really need to be where the gears mesh i'm also thinking of a product called
molybond it comes in a spray can you spray it on it dries and feels like
graphite i've only used it on threads but its supposed to be for gears as well
I Did It!


i drilled the hole and tapped it. then put a chrome washer on the bit and voila, its done. but i still dont have a grease gun to test it out, lol...

since im not familiar with this new setup, i cant figure out how to put a picture on here???:mad: until i figure it out, youll just have to wait