Lube those gears!!!

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thanks for all the help augidog on loadin pics, heres one, its kinds small because i dont know how to enlarge the pics???

here it is::

grease fitting (done).jpg

i dont have a grease gun yet, but maybe ill borrow my dads. i know it will work, its not placed just above where the gears meet, its on the top of the large grear but where it flings the oil onto the small grear.

ok, might take a few days dead broke...cant even afford a gallon of gas!!!:( jk...

I use the blue marine grease. It's sticky and seems to last a while. I use it on everything needing grease. Wheelbearings ect. It's designed for boat trailer bearings that get dunked in water all the time!

Try not to get it on your hands tho. If you do it's hard to get off and the stronger the soap you use, well, it's possible to start at your wrist and chase a grease ring up to your armpit!
Reading this thread and especially about one poster who packed the entire case with wheel bearing grease and has no problems with clutch slipping for 250 miles brings up a thought:

I wrote this post some time ago but was a bit intimidated to post it because of it's possibly controversial content:

I'm sooooooo tempted to run the gears in a small bath of 90 WT oil on my china girl to cut down on gear noise and extend gear life. And it should be easy. Sealing the cover would not be a problem. The gray sealer they use to seal "real" motorcycle cases should do the trick. A small filler hole on top would be equally easy. Just drop in some 90 WT and keep those gears wet.....but then there's the clutch of course. And from what we think now this needs to be dry. Running the clutch in the presence of 90 WT will either cause it to slip, or possibly burn the oil and become so "grabby" that it will hardly function as a clutch anymore.

Anyone who's driven a stick shift with a leaking rear main seal and an oil contaminated clutch will know what this is like.

So my question is has anyone ever had a clutch failure due to oil contamination. What are the chances these clutches could actually be run wet? If clutch failure would not occur the benefits would be HUGE.

The gears on my China Girl were noisy, REAL noisy. I removed the clutch cover and found the same thing reported by others. Wheel bearing grease, lots, on the gears really helped but just for a short while. I don't think ANY type of grease is a permanent solution. It fly's off, never to return.
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well i ran my bike with no grease in those gears at all, i didnt know any grease was supposed to go in there i though they were dry gears, i got 2900km and the little gear shredded, so i got over 500km on my new gear and i will grease it as soon as possible.
good question emdude. I wouldn't think the spring to be strong enough to run a wet clutch. Other problem, our clutch shoes are made of rubber!