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    Hi I'm past 1050 miles on my odometer. I'm consirned on when to know I should do some tune up or lubercation to the wheel's ball bearings. I'm just worried that it may lead to something with the wheel breaking. Just because I consider the worst outcome so I can be on the safe side.

    So my main question is should anyone reaching this point on their bike worry about lubing their ball bearings?

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    Grease em up Movem out Rawhide EEEhaw.

    On a wall-e-world bicycle you better lube everything before you ride.
    On my brand new Roadmaster Mt Fury the front wheel bearings fell out when I went to check them. NO lube at all.
    I finally lubed the rear bearings when my freewheel failed. about a month later.
    My front forks were also dry and rattled a bit.
    I was busy greasing the engine and let the bike down.
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    Can someone point me to that site that has the videos on how to do the bearings? Can't seem to find it, and it was good poo-poo. I haven't checked anything...nothing is squeking or feeling funny, but I should probably check...

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