Crashes Lucky To Be Alive !

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    Hey guys iam posting my story in hopes that it will help.Just got out of hosptle today well here goes this all started last sunday out for a ride sundays is my day for rides went by a coopple of freinds houses bs and beer left mybe 5 miles form home back country roads and bam! dog out of nowere ditched it at about 30mph knocked out and bleeding so Iam told dont rember much till i got home that nite oner of dog called cops and ems cop said go with ems our go to jail so i went with ems got to hospitle no cop around left walking down street now 10 miles from home my Boss sees me and gives me a ride home says take mon off road rash every where and left ear in bad shape but guts are by far worse so I cant lie flat with out PAIN make it though mon but tues no better girl frend asks if a want to get ckecked out I say yes cant take the PAIN so back to the hosptile I walked away from 2 days ago for and MRI I was in so much PAIN they had to give me somthing just to lie flat for that didnt take long and they talking real quite in the corner then told me i need a trama surgan NOW spline was bleeding now i need to be air lifted to st marys for possable sugary off we go they used a camra and injected dye into my spline bleeding had stoped but wanted to watch me closse two days in ICU and two days in a reg room ive never been poked and proded so much in my life o buy the the whey i was 3 pints low I guess what iam saying is if your hurt get ckecked out i dont have ins. money is not everything ill ride agian but with a lot more safty equ.

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    I've learned two things from this article: never underestimate the power of safety gear or punctuation.
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    Houston. We have an answer.

    Hope you mend up OK.
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    You guys are very hard on BAM. Dog out of nowhere happened to another member a couple of months ago. You didn't rail on him about it. Pray it doesn't happen to yourself.
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    I hear you and I as I said I hope he fully mends.

    Drinking and MB riding isn't cool, IMHO.
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    I am the guy with the dog out of nowhere. Upper right arm and shoulder healing well. NO BEER involved. Alcohol and 2 wheel vehicle operation is not wise.
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    Wow!! That's one big long, confusing run-on sentence!!!
    Punctuation and spell check are both free.
    Beer however, has a pricetag....and your post is the proof!
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    Whoa! Close call there BAM, hope you get better soon!

    Come on guys, take it easy on him, who doesn't engage in "beer & BS" once in a while. I'm not saying it's the right thing to do before riding a MB or anything (don't want to get flamed...). I'm not saying that alcohol wasn't a contributing factor, it may have very well been, but when I hear "dog ran infront of me....." I think that the dog was the main factor. Could have taken out anybody, just that BAM happened to be the unlucky one that night. Got to give the guy some credit for standing up and saying that he indeed did have some beer in him, he could just as well have said that he was fully sober and then everybody here would feel sorry for him.

    I almost got taken out by a dog yesterday....Riding around the 'hood, nice and slow (the folder bike only has 2 speeds - stop and slow :) keeping an eye out for pooches at large (ever since Zev0 wrote about his encounter). A dog behind a fence is a rare sight around here so a guys got to watch out. I see a big lab cross in the distance....barks, runs for a bit, stops, good dog. I see a guy "unloading" two big dogs from the back of his pickup, ones a mean looking german shepard, wouldn't want to get in trouble with that one. Dogs pay no attention whatsoever to me....good dog, or good training should I say maybe. Then out of NOWHERE this small barking growling bugger jolts out, caught him in my peripheral vision. Looked like he would either jump on me or end up in between my wheels (wheels are just 20" on the MB I was riding so i bet that a dog under one would stop me FAST). I noticed him just in time and gassed it, he missed me by about a foot! No doubt that if it was dark I wouldn't have seen him and I would most likely biff it. Also no doubt that if this would happen to my local MB friend (in his sixties) he would most likely biff it, slow or fast, sober or not - his reflexes just aren't as good as they once were.....

    Ride safe everybody!

    Get well soon BAM!
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    BAM, hope you get well soon.

    Beer and biking? Let those of you without sin cast the first stone.

    Not everyone had the benefit of a great education or was able to use it.

    Being an old guy at 66, your right Dilly. Reflexes are not as great as they were even 10 years ago.

    Isn't the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. {Old saying in my neighbourhood}

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    Glad you are ok BAM.
    As for the bs and beer.....I noticed he did not say how much. One beer while BSing could be OK....I will not judge on that. But it might not be wise.
    Thank you for sharing.
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    Bam hope you are doing ok and feelin better
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    Thanks for the comments guys sorry abought the punctuation! Feeling A lot better yes no more beer and mbing for me ps bike came though it fine dent in the tank and a rip in the seat.
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    Glad you're doing well BAM, I have had a few good rides with more than enough to drink myself. Back roads with a floating lantern zip-tied to the handle bars going as fast as the little engine could take me. Not a good idea.

    There is a good lesson here.
    Keep it reasonable and always watch everything going on around you. I've been lucky to avoid a few bike-tire-chasing dogs myself and sometimes it is just unavoidable.

    Glad both you and the mb are ok!
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    Well, airhorns ARE life savers

    I live in a three room plus bath stand alone dwelling behind the primary residence at my address, and I share the yard and driveway with the neighbors in front of me. They are good people, so it isn't any trouble usually.

    Last evening they were holding a wedding reception at their house - really in the yard and driveway between theirs and mine. They had given me 2 weeks notice of the party, and it was no problem to me.

    I decided about 6 pm to go down the street to the grocery store to get some milk, so I just wheeled my trike out and putted away - the party-goers all loved it. Anyway, I have an air canister powered air horn mounted on my handlebars - it blasts at around 120 decibels - REALLY LOUD!

    The main street that the grocery store is on 5 lanes - 2 each way and a left turn lane in the middle. From where the side street I ride on intersects that main street to the store entry is a block and a half without sidewalks, so I have to be in a traffic lane - and I have to turn left to enter the store's lot.

    I rode up the street, signaled a left turn, moved into the left turn lane and had to wait for oncoming traffic to clear to cross the other 2 lanes. Cars were, as usual, moving in a pack. The stores entry is a hundred yards past a blind corner in the main street where it swings through a 45 degree bend, and traffic moves at 40-50 mph. That stretch is the main reason I usually go to the store in my car.

    A woman in an old Chrysler made an un-signaled move into the left turn lane and was coming at me at 40+ mph about 35 yards away - I had nowhere to go with traffic speeding by on both sides. I did the only thing I could - I hit the air horn, and said goodbye to my kids in my mind.

    She finally saw me - having ignored a 50 watt headlight and my turn signal flashing, and apparently panicked. She veered sharply left, and was hit by a big Chevy 4 x 4 pickup in the passenger side, and her grille impacted the side of a Toyota minivan. Guy behind the pickup hit his rear bumper with a Kia sedan and wedged the hood under the rear axle of the truck.

    Lots of noise and confusion, of course. I pulled off the street, parked the trike alongside the driveway of the store, and waited about 5 minutes for the cops. All told there were 4 vehicles damaged, one guy (the Kia driver) taken to hospital bleeding like crazy from facial lacerations from his windshield exploding when the base of it hit the pickups bumper.

    The cops took a statement, looked my trike over VERY carefully, I demonstrated the headlight, turn signals and the horn for them, and showed them my prescription letter from my doctor certifying it as a "handicapped mobility assistance device". The Lt. who was supervising the accident investigation told me he'd never seen the like of such a rig, but as far as he could tell I was perfectly legal. I gave them my license to look at, and my handicapped citizens ID, and pretty shortly he told me I could go. It helped a lot, I'm sure, that the woman who caused the accident admitted she never saw me and my horn was what alerted her to me being there. She even came over and asked me if I was okay - pretty nice of her, rattled as she was.

    I know the store manager at the grocery store, and he had stepped out to see the commotion, so when I rode up I told him the story. He could tell I was kind of shaken up a bit - when I got the milk and was paying at the register he told the store's delivery service guy to load my trike in the store van and take me home, refused to let me pay him for it.

    Just the other day PatrickW and I were discussing these horns - man,am I glad I had mine.
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    On Air Horns...

    "Patrick...It's been a bit since we talked; but, something happened this morning that I am sure you will get a kick out of. Remember that I had told you once that I carry one of those super-small boat horns in my shirt pocket when I ride the Meteor? Since it is so low to the ground, even with the flag and all, I need to get some respect and attention, especially at an intersection, and two 115 db blasts from one of those little thin gs sounds like a "Mack Diesel" approaching. Well, I ran out of juice, this morning, so my wife ran me over to the closest marina so I could get a new little canister. On the way home, we were the third car back, stopped at the red light, waiting to make a left turn in Palm River Country Club where I live. The car in front of us was a red, BMW convertible, top down, driven by Mr. Preppy I-Own-The-Road, along with his girlfriend, Ms. Preppy My-ST-Don't-Stink. As soon as the light turned green, Mr. Preppy layed on the horn...both of them yelling 'rude' things and flipping the poor old guy in front of them the bird. (I really think it was a little early in the day to be drinking, or smoking wacky-weed).

    Anyway, Pat, I just couldn't hold myself back. I held my new, fresh, 115 db Boat Horn out of the window...held high...pointed straight ahead, and from about 20' let go two, long, blasts (it really did sound like a Mack Truck steaming ahead!) Mr. Preppy put his head down on the steering wheel and covered it with both hands waiting for the crash from behind, and Ms. Preppy shot 2 feet straight up in the air, then tried to get the car door open, screaming all the time.

    Once again, my doctor was right...Now that I'm retired, I really must have some fun!

    They work, and are a worthwhile adjunct to your bicycle equipment.

    Only one of the sources on line...much more reliable than the "zoundhorn", or whatever it is called...:

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    Bam you need to speak to an attorney like NOW! That dog owner needs to pay for your hospital bills. I hate attorneys and sue happy folks but you need to be made whole because of a dog owners negligence. Why should you have to pay those enormous hospital bills? I can just see the zeros on them.......folks need to be held accountable for their negligence. Get well my friend and ride on. Loose dogs are a danger to mabs and motorcycles.....Ive had a couple of dog run ins and it can be scary going 25 mph, p++++s me off.
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    Yeah. Heal-up man. You'll live to ride another day. I hit a deer with my car doing about 60 mph a couple of years ago. Seizures ensued for a time and I had my license indefinetley yanked until I can prove I'm no longer a "seizure-threat". Any wreck you can walk (or crawl) away from right? Hang in there brother.
  19. SimpleSimon

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    Ain't it the truth?

    The "any wreck you can walk away from" line, I mean.

    Back in 2000 my youngest son was staying with my older brother Mike and his wife - ha had been fighting constantly with his little sister and his Mom, so we agreed to let him stay at my brother''s place a few months to calm things down.

    Anyway, my brother lived at the top of a tall and very steep hill, and my son got a job pumping gas at the convenience store/gas station at the bottom of it. There is about 600 feet elevation difference between the two places, and less than a mile of road. He rode a bike down every morning in the wee hours too open the gas station. Right at the bottom of the slope there is an 80 degree left hand corner, well banked, then about 250 yards to the bridge over a medium sized creek. On the west side of that short straight stretch it is heavily wooded - has been for 60 years or so since it was logged off. It was his habit to come down that hill as fast as he could get rolling (teenager, you know?), fly around that banked corner aT 60+ mph, straighten it up and start braking to get stopped at the store a hundred yards after crossing the creek.

    One morning, about 4 am, he came around that corner flying low, and as he straightened up a spike buck (mule deer) sprang out of the brush in front of him. As he puts it, "A wall of tan fur magically appeared in front of me!" He had just enough time to stand up on the pedals when he broadsided the deer. He flew over its back as it tossed its head up in alarm, sticking the point of one antler into his right leg just above the knee and tipping an 8 inch gash down his leg. He tucked and rolled down the road, slid to a halt on his knapsack, boot heels, and bicycle helmet rim, stunned.

    He told he wasn't sure how long he laid in the road, but he heard a car coming down the hill and saw the headlights, so he rolled off the road. Apparently the driver never noticed him, as he passed on by. Finally, he got to his feet, walked back to the remains of his bent and broken bike, and picked it up to limp to the store, squishing the boot full of blood at every step. When he got in the store the owner wanted to call the ambulance, but he refused to let her - instead he called my brother.

    Mike came down in his pickup, collected him and the wrecked bike, and took him up to the house. My sister in law is a nurse practicioner with 25+ years in ER specialization. She examined him, found no evidence of concussion, minor roadrash on his forearms, and the big gash in his leg. My son absolutely refused to go to the hospital, so she cleaned and stitched up his leg, cleaned and covered the road rash, and Mike took him (at his insistence), back to work. At noon my sister-in-law picked him up, and they stopped at the accident site. Just off the road he found the buck, dead, back broken just behind the shoulders and right side of its rib cage caved in.

    He made them promise not too tell my wife or I - it was several months before I found out about it. When his Mom calmed down she wrote the story up, and e-mailed it to friends and family. For a while it made the rounds og the 'net as an e-mail forward, mostly under the title, "The Deer Slayer".

    Oh yeah - forgot to mention - at the time he was 6' 2.5" tall and weighed about 250 lbs. That poor deer never had a chance.

    He was incredibly lucky, and a tough kid. He still has the bike helmet as a momento and a reminder - it is awesomely dinged up and the back of it was ground about halfway through against the pavement. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMETS, GUYS!
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    Trials and tribulations of family and life...........I'm glad he was ok after the accident. Family MOST times is thicker than water ................