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    Have just joined after reading quite a few interesting and inspirational projects on this forum.
    I like to follow a thread that keeps on its original posted topic (thats obviously the reason for following the threads).
    My only suggestion would be, if the topic goes in a different direction, simply start a new post.

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    G'day Luka & welcome.
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    Welcome to the forum Luka...Seeing your an Aussie i will direct you to the following Page in a thread that could benefit you and other Australian motored bike riders.-->

    (scroll to the titled post "Proposed Action for Changing The Australian 200watt Limit")

    We need as many Aussies as we can get too voice their opinions so we can look into presenting a letter to local members of Parliament)

  4. luka69

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    Thanks for the welcome.
    The projects you guys work and ride on are very informative and inspirational.
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