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May 28, 2008
Hi, let me start out by saying that as far as forums go this is my first that is not a writers forum and as such done in character. So forgive me if I sound a bit strange until I figure out how to talk with out having to be 'In Character'.

I am from Michigan (about 32 years ago) and now live in the wonderous city of New Orleans, LA.

I am working on building my first ever one of these interesting bicycles with motors. 70cc engine on a Giant Sedona, So I will most likely be full of questions on how they run, work and how to deal with issues.

Thanks for listening.....



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Jan 11, 2008
Welcome aboard, Luna! We're glad you've become a member.

Ask away with your questions.

Now, the first place to get started is with the 'Read This First' post at the top of the 'Introduce Yourself' forum

And, a good post to get grounded with motorized bikes is with sparky's crash course

Finally, be sure to use the SEARCH functions here at the site. The odds are, your question, or a very similar one, has been asked before. If the simple (but basic) search function is returning too many results, refer to the advanced search thread.


Hi Luna,

Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy it :). Its good to have another girl on the site. There are too few of us lol.

As to help and assitance you will get plenty here and I can give you some small pointers although my area is more the GEBE belt drives more than the chengines such as yours.

A good tip is to loose fit everything first so you know how it goes together and also if you are going to have any problems. These can include space issues within the frame - wheel issues etc.

With the chengines run in is a must - there are various methods used - and the search function is invaluable on here for finding out details. Run in will require a higher %age of oil in the petroil mix.

When you have gotten the bike together a good purchase is a U-stand that fits on the rear axle. this will allow you to test and run the engine and is more stable than the usual sidestands - this will fold to form a little bumper to protect the back wheel.

When you have ridden the first few times it is imperative that you check bolts and such for tightness - and that means everything incl engine mounts/engine bolts/frame fixings, suspension bolts/mountings. This is because while 30mph is numerically not that much different from 15mph its a whole lot more mechanical stress on the frame and will cause things to work loose in concert with the vibration from the motor.

Protection while riding is a personal decision - there are some people who dont use any at all and some who do - I am leaning towards getting a helmet - you cant get spare parts for brains and I dont really want to spend the rest of my life vegetating in a very real sense..

As regards the build it is a good thing to tell people on here what you plan to use it for... because all in all that will effect the parts/setup you need on the bike...

For example a long distance commute on flat ground for a GEBE system would use the #11 gear, uprated brakes etc - but the #11 gear would be of no use whatsoever if all the route is 1 in 4 hills - you'd spend all your time pedalling.

And finally a little about me. We are about the same age from what I can tell. I have been riding MB's for about 3 years now - both of the bikes I have built have been GEBE kits - one of 25.4cc (which was stolen) and my current cruiser based 32cc with a few of my own modifications. I live and was born in the Essex area of the UK - though I have been to the states a few times... oh and I am a published writer too :D

Hope you enjoy the forum and again, welcome

Jemma xx


Well if you are gonna be a character, or be in character, you will soon find this place is plumb full of characters. We welcome all, big little short and tall.
Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!


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May 28, 2008

Thanks for the warm welcome. Makes me feel like I might someday know what I am doing as far as this motoredbike idea goes.


Apr 30, 2008
Too much fun here!
Ask away...we all become "experts" in just a few short weeks...tons of info here...hard not to continue reading while at work...(lucky I'm the boss at my place!)

Post pix when you can...