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    Hello MotoredBikes Forum,

    Finally time to introduce myself. I've been on here for about two years and built an "80"cc beach cruiser. Did a few upgrades along the way like centrifugal clutch, slant head, upgraded hardware from SBP. The bike was decent but I was really craving a shift kit on a full suspension mountain bike.

    Watching the threads here, the GT LTS looked like a great choice. I finally picked one up a month ago, then ordered the SBP HD shift kit, expansion chamber, and aif filter.

    I started the new build this weekend, taking the motor off my beach cruiser. As always seems to happen when I mount or dismount this motor, one of the mounting studs broke off right at the engine. This has happened in the past and I was able to back it out with those reverse tapping drill bits. But this time the bit broke off in there too, again right at the engine. I spent half a day with a dremel and a drill trying to get that stuff out of there with no luck.

    So I've had it with this chinese engine. I know I could probably salvage it and continue my build, but I think it's time to move on to something else. So thanks to everyone for the great info and stories, and sorry for being a lurker for so long.


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    Hi Dom, welcome to Motoredbikes!