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  1. PsionicFrost

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    Hey y'all!


    I've been working on this bike build this weekend and just finished with it. This forum has helped greatly for troubleshooting issues I've had with it.

    The car is my Porsche 924, lol.

  2. jaguar

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    Porsche is two stroke, right?
    straight pipes or expansion chamber?
    does it have a high rpm powerband?
    I almost bought a Porsche once but it was missing a part that was not to be found in any junk yard and I didnt want to pay for it new. sigh
  3. PsionicFrost

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    The 924 is 4 stroke, 2.0L water cooled I4. It was Porsche's first front engined, water-cooled car. I've been able to get it to around 7,500 RPMs, but I need to redo the fuel system.
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    Welcome to the forum. I always like the 924 and 924S (turbo). They were reliable machines. The 944's looked great but never attained the reliability expected of a Porsche. Are the motorbike tires 24x3 or 26x2.5? Those beefy tires will save you from a bent rim. They also make the motorbike feel more stable to me.d
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  6. PsionicFrost

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    My tires are 24x3. Just got my phone mount, so I can do a speed run soon. I had to get some Loctite for the rear sprocket and rework the motor mounts, I plan on riding it again this weekend, this week is gonna be cold until Friday. I live only 4 miles from campus, but there are some wicked hills since I live on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, so peddling was evil. I'm waiting on some EL wire to come in so I can illuminate the engine area, looks cool and adds visibility. When I lived in Florida, I could pedal 50+ miles with ease, but here I can't make it 4 miles haha.