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    Hi, So ive been lurking on this forum for over a couple years. finaly deciding to post a hello. i've found so many ideas and trouble shooting with out ever having to post,lol So any way i'm lucas i live just outside Providence RI. Never come across another MBer. small state. I have to currant completd biulds to ride around on. both have 66cc grubbe skyhawk engines. I'm not much of a fan of the cruiser style bikes. I build onto to Road bikes. I find it so much easier to ride as a true bike as well as a MB. I'll post some pics when the forum lets me.


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    Hi Lucas, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Thanks. I'm unemployed so i took this up as a paying hobbie. cant get enough of it. i've also been tooling around with the idea of MBing to the gulf for employment cleaning up all the oil thats coming. im in RI so around 2000m.