M/B Vacation? ABSOLUTELY!!!



As many of you longer standing members will know, I have the Motored Bike Travel Itch. It only grows stronger with each passing day. I've had that ramblin' itch since I was a small child, and with that being understood, it should surprise no one that I will take any opportunity to travel at a moments notice; with no excuse being needed or given.

So when I had been invited to be the first guest of the PNW MotoredBike Hostel (located in scenic Ocean Park, WA) on the weekend of their Grand Opening, how could I say no? Besides, this would give me a chance to really test the more extreme weather for my camping gear, as it had only been used in the full on summer months up to this point.
On the morning of April 10th, 2009, with great anticipation, I packed my 'Bug-Out' bag, my tent, and my army surplus wool blanket/pad along with my sleeping bag into my car. I loaded my motorized bike in the bed of the rig, then packed my lunch and coffee for the four hour road trip ahead. I was skeptical towards the weather, as it was a misty grey morning when I first wheeled the "Surf City" (that is the name my peers have given to the topless 63 Valiant station wagon) from my drive to the Interstate, and down the lone country roads leading to the Pacific Ocean, but soon along the way the sun came out to play, and made the drive that much more pleasant.
The drive was the usual drive out to Ocean Park. Though the drive is quite scenic and peaceful, while at the same time the thrill of such sweet and dangerous winding switchbacks fan the fires which lie inside any rider of a two wheeled vehicle, especially those vehicles of the motored variety. Those same riders know, all too well, the thrill is beyond description and since I visit out there around two to three times during the year, it has become tedious to try to describe it every single time I visit out there.
In any case, I arrived four hours later and rolled in for my first view of the Center.
You all know the old adage, "One never gets a second chance to make a good first impression", Well let me tell you of my first impression:
It is Unbelievable! There is ample parking for both four wheeled and two wheeled vehicles, there is a fully complimented workshop which is available to any guest during their stay, within the indoor bike parking area there are pegs a-plenty for helmets and coats. To the rear of the property there is a great field with room for two dozen or more (if you are cozy with your neighboring campers) tents/camps. For events there is a covered vendors/swap meet area (The second annual PNW Rally is gonna blow your minds!), and a great beauty of a BBQ area. The property is at the end of a cul-de-sac, backed on two sides by a natural wetland and wooded buffer, ensuring the guests complete privacy. A full kitchen is available for use by the guests.
After unpacking my car and setting up my camp, it was time to catch up on current events with old friends, to meet new friends, and to check out the shop.
What a weekend it was! Riders coming in and going out all the day long, wrenching on rides, and shooting the breeze. It was a time to ride and relax, which was much needed after the previous few weeks in my everyday, day-to-day life. After a full day of cruisin' and groovin' the sun, which, by the way, always comes out when we ride in O.P., began to sink low in the western skies. When a chill began to rise from the pacific ocean, just over the rise a piece, A bonfire was lit in the central area of the campground. A top or two were popped, and as is the way, when the fire's embers glowed late into the night, the laughter and carousing began to give way to reflection and yawns. It had been an eventful day, and not being the youngling I once was, I crawled into my sleeping bag; drifting off to sleep in my little tent, to a great choral symphony of frogs from out the wetland, Soothing my weary body, mind, and soul into a restful slumber.
I surely do miss that sound from my childhood- I grew up in a small town on a little farm of 15 acres, with 3 of those acres made up of wetland; the surrounding acreage was mostly wetland our main farm being on the high ground in the area. During the summer's I would sneak from my bed at night after the adults, my parents, were asleep (or so I thought), and go lay on the hillside, beneath the blanket of stars, listening to the frogs until I drifted off, I would awaken just before sunrise, return to my bed and sleep for another couple of hours. I live in a semi-rural/semi-residential area too close to the city now, and often think of those summer nights with a longing. How wonderful it was to hear that sound again.
Upon my awakening the next morn- warm, cozy, and dry- I lay still for a bit. There was no need for a big rush, as I was on vacation to relax, and take my time.
Imagine my surprise of entering the house, through the kitchen area, to find a full spread for breakfast, and freshly brewed coffee. Freshly baked biscuits, sausage patties, eggs, and gravy.
Though I had made no mention of the secret plan- the fact that I planned to write up a "review" of 'The Center'- upon my receipt of this layout I thought there was perhaps a suspicion.
I filled my cup, loaded up a plate, all the while thinking that if this is the standard for guests then this is THE place to arrive for your MotoredBike vacation!!!
This day was another of riders coming and going all day long, it was to be a full day again indeed. I used the available shop facilities to do some needed adjustments and modifications to my precious Black Sunshine. After which, we rode, we raced, we wandered and adventured. Again so much and more socializing; the catching up with friends.
That Saturday evening the clouds rolled in, the sea was sending a heavy mist as foreshadow of the coming rains. The dark winds rose with a whisper of secrets and a chill was on the air- but that dampened no spirits, a larger fire was stoked, and with more folks than the previous night, we sat about the fire; our bonds of kinship, originally born of our unique vehicles, formed and growing stronger. And once again as in the previous evening, as the fire was allowed to mellow, so did we; the folk of the bike and sea. Once again, late into the eve people began to yawn and drift away from the main event. And all too soon for me, it was nearing the end. I too, half asleep but not wanting to quit, I wandered to the private confines of my tent.
It had poured rain during the night, but my traveling gear did great! I was toasty warm and dry, and even though there were two places where water did find a "not quite closed zippered seam" in which to wander and stay for the night, I was not flooded out, or wet.
The next morning was the same great eye openings of fresh brewed coffee, and a spread of breakfast waiting.
I did not want to leave, but after breakfast had settled, I broke camp and loaded up my bike. It was hard to leave after such a great experience, but real life was calling me back, with it's responsibilities and requirements. And so it is true after all that nothing lasts; that all these good things must come to end. A few goodbyes, and I drove away, the falling rains somehow seeming a fitting end to a grand adventure.
There is always a somber melancholy to the drive home, as is usually the case after a vacation or adventure, and my return was to be no exception. The wipers beating time with the rain, and my thoughts swirling for the grand experience...

As the first official Guest of the newly opened MB Center in Ocean Park, Washington State I must say that this is a GREAT destination for a vacation and/or getaway for the MotoredBike community, and would recommend, without hesitation, this destination spot to one and all!
I do not know what these gracious hosts would be required to charge for operating costs, but to me it would be worth every last penny, and I would imagine, being the kind of folk they are, that it would not be out of reach for any, and I get the distinct impression they would probably be willing to do partial payment for chores, or duties around the camp/hostel facilities. Believe me, once word gets out you'll have to reserve your spot early, for it is to be the hottest vacation destination this side of Conneticut, and I'll bet this summer is gonna be HOPPIN'!!!
what can i say about that glowing "review" except that the pleasure was all ours...rif, your visits always bring a bit of fresh air to the local atmosphere...

"are you going the extra mile because i'm gonna write a review of your services?"

hehe, actually, no we didn't...we went the extra mile because you're our friend :cool:

The Ocean Park MB-Center
it's more of a "val-camino" at this point, with a built-in spa (when it rains) but a rockin' lil vehicle it is :cool:


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