M.M. vs Rocksolid (compression ratios anyone?)

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    I need compression info to make my purchase.
    Which has higher compression?
    Or are they both the same rate and just a different exterior?
    I'd think they'd take the head as low as operationally feasible on both. If so, I'll not be spending double for the cool looking circle. But if compression rates are different...

    No newbie assistance please. only folks who have been around a bit. Sorry. I need info I know I can trust.

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    I know Rock Solid say their head is 13:1 compression ratio over the standard 6:1 for the 66cc.

    Never bought one, definitely looked at them and wondered though. . .
  3. Tony, at Rock Solid, and I have a long standing relationship...We are both automotive engine builders from way back...Many, many years of experience.

    Tony made the first Billet heads for these engines. They are a fine design.

    The piston crown, and deck height are critical to proper performance. The cylinder head MUST be matched to these 2 parameters.

    Don't take my word for it!...contact Tony, he'll tell you the same thing!

    The final compression ratio is a variable that will differ depending upon the cylinder porting that has been done.

    When you are done modifying your engine...you will want to see 135-150 PSI on a compression gauge inserted into the spark plug hole. Spin the engine Briskly when checking for static compression.

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    i cant speek for tony at rse but my rse shaft bike an rse hp2 48cc motor are a much higher quality an compression from stock .
    but since buyin a sbp shiftkit an exhaust im yet to find a suitabl dual disked bike at upgraded level im lookin for but life goes on ...

    ohhh the 44 tooth rear only good for 65 kph

  5. 40 MPH is good with a 44T rear sprocket.

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    remember higher the compression the harder the bike is to start.

    but you get a really nice power increase over stock, which in turn will enable you to reach higher speeds. However your engine must be able to handle the increase in RPM. I know Rock Solid test their Engines ( in house rebuilt ones ) to 9500rpm :) and have nothing but Praise for Tony and the work he does.

    A pleasure to deal with with as well as great products.
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