MAB vs Scooter/M/C

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by darwin, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Well I invested in a really nice 150cc scooter this year and have been enjoying riding it but it's just not the same as a mab. I'm always on the defensive riding in traffic and every time there's some idiot you have to avoid. Also I'm limited to paved streets mainly because of what it is. On the MAB it's more of a carefree ride and I can enjoy the scenery more and can ride any where I choose. I guess my point is that there is a huge difference between the 2. One isn't necessarily better but riding the mab maybe just a tad more enjoyful. I'm keeping the scoot if only because it has 2 wheels and gives me the speed rush I do enjoy, 65mph tops. Amazing how much fun a 2hp mab can be............................

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    Most anything in life is 90% attitude, I think why motos and scoots are not as much fun is the death factor, the cagers are always right there.If everybody rode motos it would be more enjoyable.I notice closed courses give the same "OK" feeling.I have access to the fast fast cars and motos, but still prefer taking 2 hours for a 1 hour chore and strolling on the bike.