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    Hey guys,
    My motor finally came in and i just wanted to show you guys my build progress. If you read my Introduction, you probably remembered me talking about the $40 bike off of Cragslist. Well here it is when i first got it.
    It was a pretty nice bike for the price. The dude said he just got a $50 Geltec seat for it, I'm not sure if it was $50 or not but its nice. I was originally looking for a cruiser frame, but those are impossible to find here in Vegas, at a good price.
    Well after getting the bike I knew I needed to do some work. I originally wanted to keep the gray, but soon found out that the decals were clear coated over. After trying to use acetone to the decals off, I used it to take the logos off the seat, I just decided to paint it.

    Here it is with new paint and the motor installed. (i know there's no front wheel and the rear is flat, but I'm getting new wheels and tires, that's why i dont have the sprocket on yet.
    I threw on some 4' high rise handlebars and took off the shifter mechanisms and front brakes (Who the heck needs those right?)
    I chopped the seat post so it would go as low as possible, and I also removed the springs from the seat. There is no difference with the spring on or off. Plus it looks mad tight.
    I also removed the logos from the seat.
    It barley fit in there. I had to cut part of the plastic from the filter on the carburetor. Not sure if the angle will affect the ride or anything else, any input on this would be appreciated
    Wrapped all the electrical in an inner tube and duct tape.
    So far so good, let me know what you guys think. Any input on how the motor is mounted will be appreciated. THANKS
    -MacLovin out
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Looks like you're doing nice work. We'll be interested in seeing the finished product.

    Unless there's something I'm missing, the engine angle shouldn't be any problem.

    It's one of the two stroke's strengths that it can be turned on it's side (or whatever) and still have proper lubrication.
  3. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    But the more I think about it, I wonder if carburetion will be affected.
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Going to to tough riding that thing with no front wheel......:jester:

    Either cut the aluminum back motor mount down in length

    or don't use the rear mount block ......

    Get another mounting strap and use one on each side of the seat tube
    with some nuts and you can drop the whole motor down so you don't
    have to butcher the air cleaner and have more clearance for the throttle cable.

    The straps that come with that kit are kinda flimsy, you can get
    heavier ones from a few suppliers

    front brake is 70% + of your braking......
    Not only put it back on but change the front brake to the right by the throttle so
    you can use it and the clutch at the same time just like a motorcycle.
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  5. h0tr0d

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    Looks like when the front wheel is on the carb will be dead flat. I'd leave the mounts the way they are. As far as the air cleaner being hacked to fit, leave it also; The stock cleaner is way to restrictive at high rpms. So far you seem to be off to a good start. Keep it up.
  6. jtmiyake

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    I would agree on the front brakes... keep them on. I'm even thinking about upgrading mine to a disc brake.
  7. macLovin

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    thats the reason i took them off. Getting my disk brakes in on thursday. YAY
  8. I was going to say I am concerned about rain getting into your carb, but you're in Vegas and don't get much rain right? The mount looks superb and having a tight fit looks better than having a lot of extra room in the frame.

    Your front brakes are great even just as backup if your back brakes fail. Everybody has their own riding style, and you'll notice that you don't want to use back brakes to stop at 30 mph because you can skid, understeer and wipe out, just remember to pedal start every time or you'll wear out/glaze your clutch prematurely.

    Looks great so far, keep us posted.