Tires Made my own studded snow tires

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by spunout, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. spunout

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    I wish i could say it was my own :idea:, but plenty of others have done this.
    I got the deepest-tread knobby tires i could find (pyramid $30/pr), and got a bunch of #8 X 1/2" lath screws with super-large flat heads for $5 .

    drilled (using a very small bit) down from the center of chosen knob into the tire. drilled screw up from inside-out. if your angle isnt pretty correct, it'll stick out one side or the other.

    be prepared to have plenty of time to do this...its tedious and time-consuming.
    dont try drilling all the holes, then installing'll drive yourself bat-s**t, trying to find which knob you drilled.:ack2:

    i'm cutting up sidewalls from an old tire, to make a good liner between the screwheads and tube.

    i'll test this tomorrow, when i go to work. plenty of deep snow/ice from a recent storm, and more on the way tomorrow afternoon.


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  2. srdavo

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    awesome bro......nice job!

    a d*mn shocking change for you... from the Az. winters......:rofl:

  3. graucho

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    Yes looks like it should work. Post your results. If it works, you may have to change your
    user name though. :grin5:
  4. KilroyCD

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    Good job! It looks cool, but it also looks like something straight out of "Mad Max". I'll be anxious to hear the results of your test runs.
  5. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I have had some ideas about these (stud tires) for a while now
    although not needed here where I live
    I watched ice racing motor cycles years back

    I was thinking about small bolts used
    could grind the heads down a little
    large washer inside
    outside -- tighten down tight with small washer and nut -- bolt sticking through 1/2" ?

    this holds them pretty straight -- should anyway

    that may be a problem for you -- side to side play

    noticed that those spikes in those motor cycle tires looked to be

    ride that THING
  6. eastwoodo4

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    more screws.
  7. graucho

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    A while back Large Filipino made a post with the Walmart studded tires.
    I went to 3 stores in my area with no luck. Im sorry for spouting out in
    you thread. Ive found them online, but too much $ with shipping.

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  8. Mountainman

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    but -- one THING for sure

    yes -- they may be a little pricey

    but -- they look to be the real deal

    studs are set firmly into place

    ride that THING
  9. mabman

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    A friend did it that way once and the screws were squirmy and wanted to push back in to the tire. He removed them and got the shortest hex head sheet metal type screws he could find and screwed them in from the outside. More contact area with the head. Problem solved all around.
  10. nsideus

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  11. spunout

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    i thought about the side-to-side play, and the screws wanting to push back into tire.
    thats why i opted for the lath screws....really flat and alot of surface area.

    with two tire liners taped side-to-side, getting the tires mounted on the rims was a nightmare. ive never actually wrestled a rabid porcupine, but i think i know what it feels like.

    i'll take a look at that link w/instructions.

    oh!!! I didnt ride it yet, for reasons that SUK.

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  12. spunout

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    rode today, and THESE. KICK. BUTT-CHEEKS!!!

    our driveway is pretty long, up to the pavement. packed with snow/ice, and they performed very well. i went off a little into some deeper powder, and the rear did slip sideways just a little bit under power.

    going to have to swap out my 36tooth for a 44.

    i havent ridden on dry pavement yet, because i'm scared.

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  13. cooltoy

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    Can't wait to hear how it works out for you. I read where you said it took a lot of work and time, I wonder if a rivet gun would work. The "studs" would be small but they do leave a little sharp edge as they snap. You wouldn't have to worry about the tube as much. I wonder where my rivet gun is, I have a box of rivets and I'd be glad to give it a shot. I guess you would need washers but I can really see this working. I think I'll go out see if I can find my gun.

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  14. Flapdoodle

    Flapdoodle Member

    I rather like that idea. I have some stainless pop rivets that are really tough metal.