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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Just_Gasit, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Just_Gasit

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    Ordered a Black Stallion kit for my mtn bike today. I've been commuting with my home made trailer pusher for three days... Couldn't hold myself back any longer. Looking forward to a frame mounted engine with a clutch. I went with gasbike by the way. Might be selling the trailer soon.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Good for you. Best of luck with your new bike and good riding to ya.
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    Keep the power trailer to help you drive up Mt Charleston.
  4. Just_Gasit

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    The Kit arrived yesterday and installed it and started breaking it in today, I had some trouble with the rear sprocket and decided to take it back off and see what was causing all the wobble. Turned out one of the rubber spacers was thinner on one side and I was using it on the outter side. I swapped it for the even inner one and all the wobble was gone. It took six hours the first night and I tweeked with it most of this evening between riding it. Vibration in the bars is an issue, so far, a piece of rubber hose slid inside the bar helped alot but I'll be looking into past threads here on the subject. My Trailer was smooth and quiet, I like the new power and speed (been up to 27) but the vibration has got to go or at least be reduced.
  5. Just_Gasit

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    Still tweeking

    Made a single work commute today, had the muffler core nearly fall out (forgot to check to see if it was tight down there) then had a rear motor stud break. I had put several miles on it around the house to make sure she was ready but I guess not. I was nearly home, so I was able to peddle the last short bit. I tried some rubber under the mounts, didn't help. Tonight I remounted the motor solid and used bolts insted of the junk studs. Lucky for me I work on import cars and have plenty of bolts of all lengths around. I also made shims for the rear mount and was able to adjust the chain without the tensioner that way. The picture was from the other day, tensioner is still on it.

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    I had better luck mounting solid than with any rubber. Is it doing better? Maybe smooth out after break in? My first engine had a bad vibration until I got it up over 23-25 and it would smooth out. The second one seems good all around, but it is on the shift kit.
  7. Just_Gasit

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    Got a chance to ride this afternoon, the remount was much better and vibration is well within acceptable limits. My chain is on the tight side for part of the rotation (I think it's part junk chain and part sprocket out of round) I have a new KMC chain on order and I bet that will be another improvement. One other thing I did was add some rubber tubing inside the seat post and that did some good too. It was there before but I know the one in the handle bars helped some, this can only be good too. I'm going to try adding a tube on my frame between the down tube and the top tube, it will be clamped on and I may use rubber under the clamps, the tubing I add will be steel but smaller diameter. It will do little for structure but will change the open length of the original tubing and I'm betting it will eliminate the remaining vibrations. I'm also going to try some muffler mods that will both open the flow and make it quieter. There is no packing in the stock muffler and it reduces noise through baffle plates. This is a restrictive method. I'm going to knock out the plates and use motorcycle (motocross 2 stroke) packing to do it right. I have little doubt this will work for both noise and power. I would like to have the expansion chamber pipe but it's size not it's price deture me. I like the fact that from most angles, you almost can't tell my bike has a motor. That expansion chamber pipe is a monster and while I am certain if works well, it makes the bike look like a motorCYCLE, not a motorBIKE