Mag Wheels

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Balance beads give you good karma too.
Where an
Did you get your mag wheels balanced? They need to be balanced for a smooth ride. Nice bike Tyler.
Where and just how do you balance a magnum it's about 28 lbs solid metal no place to tweak.
basically support the wheel off the bike by axle, spin lightly, the heaviest point will always stop at the bottom. if you're doing weights, they go directly opposite, on top. repeat.
a bike shop can do it for $30. there's a couple vids on YT
You put them in right in the valve stem with a hose and bottle, then put in a new valve stem core, which they came with. They roll around inside the tire and dynamically balance all the time. Can't tell they are inside the motorcycle tires except the bike rolls at speed ultra smooth. I put two ounces in motorcycle tires, i bet a half ounce in each tube would do it. I would test then out in my MBs by one only goes 25 and the other 30 so i don't think i would see the benefits going that slow in a 26 inch tire. Or am i wrong? Should i order some? (FOTI would insert coffee cup smiley but i don't know how lol)
so you could just have necklace beads? round not faceted. how big are they??
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