Magic Shine HA lll Light

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by BikeMan, Oct 17, 2009.

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    I was surfing the net for bike lights when I ran across the Magicshine Ha lll light. Wow I cant believe how bright(in pics) this light is.Is this light underrated or what? For about 80 bux you could get 2 of em and never be dissapointed with your lights again.Most of the light Iv'e seen this bright are several hundred dollars.Thanks.

    Anyone know of these? Or have them? Please speak up.Thanks.

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  2. DetonatorTuning

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    i read some about this light seems to work OK, had and may atill have some issues of Q/C and safety but it's a big beam for one of the lowest prices for prebuilt.

    that said, and not having one to do real comparisons with, i think the extreem value and reliability of the SLA driven 12v Q/Ha tracklight spot bulb is THE system to reckon with.

    i have less than $30.00 in mine, SLA included. it's a PVC cap and reducer with an off the shelf bulb socket, bulb and switch of choice.

    i've found that a 20w, 10* spot is enough to need to be careful about beam angle on the road, a 30w would probably get me stopped by the law.

    you can find the assembly instructions on "Instrctables"

  3. happycheapskate

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    Cool. I did the same thing with the track lighting bulb.

    You can make it even better by trimming the bolt (I did) and painting the plastic socket, and even the back of the bulb (Use masking tape or good sticky duct tape to mask the face and pins.) I like the bare bulb unpainted because some light shines out the back, enough for tinkering or changing a tire.

    I'm using a 12v SLA battery (I think its about 9lb!) and a 20w "narrow flood" bulb. This worked better for helmet light on ATB, but might need a "Spot" beam for driving on the road.

    Secure your battery well, or use hose clamps for any bags. My bag tore off from the weight.