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    How do u remove I'm new to these engines and news to replace the seal thanks

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    Remove the nut that holes the magnet, it's usually a 14mm, make sure the clutch is engaged with the wheel so it's easy to turn the nut and not the rest of the engine.

    Now if the magnet slips off you're good, if it doesn't then remove the magneto, the part with 4 screws, look at the picture, then put a small strong rope or twine under the magnet as pictured, and give it a swift hard yank while holding the engine/bike with your other hand, the stubborn ones usually come out with this method without damaging everything around it, like prying can do.

    Once it's off use a small jewelers screwdriver to pry the seal out from the inner side, and push the new one in, lubricating it with a bit of 2 stroke oil.

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