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    So last-night and the bike was running great I went around a corner and pulled clutch in and then let it out and nothing !!!! So I tried a new coil first and nothing ,took the cover off for the mag and wires were still soldered to it yet and then I think the magnet is bad !!!! So I took one that I had ,and don't know how strong it is ,So I put it between 2 really strong magnets and was wondering if that would help the one I want to put on !!!!!Has anyone tried to re-magnetize a mag before ????!!!!!! I have everything to fix it and know how to put it it !!! just want to know if anyone tried it yet ???!!!! Will post how that magnet works !!!!

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    Well I had the old magnet between the two magnets for 5 days ,took out the pc with the wires on and cleaned it on and put on 14ga wire and put it all back together and it ran better then it did when it was new !!!!!! That magnet was real strong when I put it in !!!!!!