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    HI! first post! so i have a question, i am the owner of a HT kit and i ride 25-50 miles each ride (for the day) and i just had my magneto fail on me on my last bit of my trip saturday night and this is a 2 week old new kit :veryangry:. i checked to see if it was ok by using a volt meter, and had no readings, and no spark. the CDI is also bad as well probly due to the fact that i spliced a new acdelco wire onto the poop old one to replace the boot. im wondering how i might be able to increace the longevity of my magneto and my whole kit itself... i would really appreiate the help and iv been reading previous post and i know you savvy guys are out there.


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    Just a hunch but it kinda sounds like you had 1 bad part and that destroyed the other. I would just replace both and see if the issue continues.(I'd re-verify the wiring first of course).
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    I maintain 11 of these happy time bikes. Mine has over 7200 miles on it and counting. Best thing for a mag is pull it off the new kit or pull it out of the package it came in. Look at the blue and black wire. Check to see how many off those copper strands are actually soldered to the mag. (you'll be surprised). Everyone I have built (over 60 now) has less than half those strands actually making contact. Advice: 1 cut off both wires from mag 2 clean off all remenance off the mag including old solder 3 cut back both wires and re solder all off the copper strand to mag. Next clean off the top off the head where the spark plug actually makes contact. If your going to reuse a spark plug make sure the the part off the plug that actually makes contact to the head (including the threads)are clean. Usually you will have fuel oil and in some cases spray paint in this area. It is very import that the spark plug completes this ground. If not you will let this interferance or resistants build up and put havoc on these weak china made mags and will burn it up. These is no fuse that will pop just your mag and your good time. The windings on these mags are not only weak in appearance but I can only imagine what material the china factories are letting be wound into our windings. Im waiting to find a cigaratte butt in one of these motors