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    Hey, I have a question that is just starting to get to me. There are some magnetos that are made and the output resistance (blue wire - black wire/ground) are different with some companies, but is interchangeable on some engines. Some are at 250 ohms, and some are at 350 ohms. The ones at 350 ohms put out more power to the CDI and is easier to start. OK, now the question...

    Which magneto would help save fuel? The one with low resistance(250 ohms) or the one with high resistance (350 ohms)?

    Just curious..

    In Washington state, stuck with the "Juneuary" weather...

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    A stronger spark leads to a more complete burn of the fuel, less unburned fuel blown out the exhaust. 350 ohms wins.
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    Has any of you guys ever had to 'correct it', or actually improve it. I have been doing something quite unusual for the past 2 days... Since I have been hoarding all types of a/c wall transformers, I decided to re-cycle the wires out of them, I have been looking at the input/output voltage and amperage, busting the plastic shell so I can get to the actual transformer core. I would then double check the resistance, after the core has been removed. Good luck on this! I had a core and the enamel on the wires were cracking up and was looking bad. If you do recycle part or the whole core, stick it in an oven at 125 degrees with the door cracked open. After 10 minutes or so, the majority of the moisture should be gone. Be sure to measure the resistance before and after running the bike for at least 10 minutes. If the resistance drops, take it off and re-bake it for 2 1/2 minutes until you get the highest readings. Once you are certain that it is bone dry with the desired readings, be sure to coat it with some enamel or laquer. Anyways, once I get pictures of it, I'll let you know..:poop: