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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Eddie Medley, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Eddie Medley

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    Has any one taken a dirt bike or a moped magneto or stator and put it one any Chinese 2 stroke engine if you or know someone that does know if this is even possible please help
    why I want to do this to have a enough electricity to charge a 12 volt battery to run lights and possible electric start.
    I want it to feel like a real motorcycle because I can not own or drive a real one at this movement. If you can help thanks.

  2. skyash

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    Anything is possible ...I have never seen a bolt on mag that will fit straight on except stock. From my pocket bike you would need the fly wheel and cdi how to mount them and get the timing right I don't know.and the fly wheel is big... with all the work involved you could stick a 50cc dirt bike motor on your bike .weld a mout and line up the motor with the back sprocket your done . more power more reliable . evon have gears . electric start and can charge a battery . Like i did I got a pocket bike New pulled everything off and put it on my 26inc push bike .now I will never go back to a 66cc ht .
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  3. Eddie Medley

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    are you able to recommend a couple of engines that are between 50cc and 90cc nothing over a hundred and under two hundred will be greatly appreciated
  4. skyash

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    Or second hand scooter is cheaper

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