Magneto wire problem

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    Ok, so i went into my garage to take my bike out for the first time in weeks, and i spotted a problem immediatly. The wire from the spark plug to the magneto was completely disconnected from the magneto, and it was hanging off of the spark plug. I see theres a sort of screw inside the magneto to hold the insulated wire in, but I dont wanna shove the wire back in because it might damage the magneto. Is there a way of sautering or glueing the wire back in, or do i have to buy another magneto? (note, my engine is a 50cc two stroke)

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    hi 39; the wire can be screwed back in, silicone seal aginst water. the best is go to car parts and get a coil wire and auto spark plug cap. mitch
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    Imagine picking up a beer bottle with your finger except doing it from the inside of the neck. That is how the screw holds the ignition wire. If you looked at a cross section you'd see the insulation makes a "donut" around the conductor. The screw cleverly/cheaply holds the middle of the hole.

    I agree with stude, though, the stock wire has poor elasticity, grip, and everything else. A quality silicone wire will hold better.