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    Hi to all, I'm new here, hope I posting this in the right spot.
    I saw that there was some talk about magneto's and kill switches.
    I always thought that you have 3 wires white black blue.
    The magneto Generates a charge, this is pass to the coil which Magnifies it and then passes it to the spark plug. The blue and black wires from the magneto are conected to the blue and black from the coil, this is also conected to the blue and black of the kill switch. The blue and black wires have a charge constantly running through them. This charge is necessary to keep the motor running. All the kill switch does is cut the power. If you don't believe this try cutting either the black or blue wire whilst your motor is running.

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    Absolutely !
    The standard wiring procedures uses a "shorting out" principle to cut the motor off.
    For some this has caused magneto failure, others it seems to be ok.

    One of the solutions is to simply avoid the "shorting out" method and use a after market On/Off Toggle switch, and tape the switch as close to the CDI as possible to limit wire length.

    The other method I know of, cos I use it, is to have no switch at all,
    just keep riding till you
    A: Run out of fuel, or
    B: Stall the engine and
    C: Unscrew the Idle screw on the carburetor till the engine dies a slow rev.

    There is a "Introduce yourself" forum here, where you may tell us a bit about your motoredbike life, where ya from etc; and any pictures of your bike would be cool to post.

    Welcome anyway,

    All the Best