Main problem with motorbicycles?

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    I want to start touring in year or two, Poland is brilliant place to start a journey. Is in a middle of a Europe and I can go anywhere; west, east, south, north. Now I'm thinking about Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan... maybe even farther.

    A small engine can be a great auxiliary propulsion for touring bike, helping in hill climbs and when you are exhausted. Motorbicycle is cheaper than motorcycle, has higher gas mileage and you can still pedal to make it move! In a middle of nowhere, with empty fuel tank you can still go. Ultimate touring machine. But...

    Reading through your posts I made a conclusion :) Riding a bicycle equipped with a cheap Chinese engine is a lottery. I should take a big bag of spares parts or one, maybe two, additional engines and tightening bolts and screws after every 100 km. If engine won't fall apart after few days I will be lucky :) Or maybe engine will running just fine through whole journey without any malfunction.

    So please tell me If I'm right. Those Chinese engines aren't "race-ready" and I'll need put a lot of work in it, if I don't want it to brake down after 100km. So touring on motobicycle is risky, I'm I right?

    Sorry for my English :)

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    pozory -- first of all welcome

    yes -- you may had noticed a weak spot regarding some motors

    for what you have planned -- buy quality -- you will not be let down

    I want to get further than that first kiss before she breaks down on me !!!

    as we ride those things
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    There's plenty of info around in the forum archives as to how to go about making them less trouble prone,some one came upwith a 20 point comprehensive to-do list.The carburettors,the CDI ignition (get a spare) and the hardware,headbolts etc. are weak points.Don't use higher than 25:1 mixing ratio with the 2 strokes and use normal 2 stroke oil, not the kind for marine engines. It takes work&some tools, but is well worth the trouble.Some have been improved over time.There are 4 stroke chinese engines around that are knockoffs of Honda 50cc engines,more expensive but could be better value.Good luck!
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    The Chinese two-strokes aren't the finest pieces of machinery on Earth.
    But they're not all that bad, either.

    I could start out on a cross country trip with mine and I would feel pretty confident. But a brand new one would have me worried.

    So if you have the time, I'd suggest building a bike and riding it around home for a season or two.

    Then you'll know whether you want to venture further or not.
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    very dependable engines

    I have been riding since october and I have had not had any problems yet at all. Its just like anything, proper maintenance is a must, but even if you ride a pedal bike you have to do this

    Im planning a 600 km trip up the west coast of newfoundland this summer and I have no worries
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    I don't want to build a bike but just to equip good quality cross/touring bicycle with an engine. I'm planning to buy a KTM, ride a season or two and start touring.

    Can someone tell what would be a cost to prepare an engine kit to ride, including a new carburettor, jackshaft kit, stronger chain, air filters, better parts etc? Will it be two, three times more than for a basic kit?

    I saw kits on American Ebay for 100-150$, in Poland SkyHawk costs 400$! They say "it's a Mercedes among bicycle engine kits"... I don't believe them :)
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    if we are looking to find the Mercedes of motorized bicycle engins

    (((we find many coming from Japan)))

    somewhat harder to locate would be from
    Italy, US, France, Germany, UK
    these countries used to be large producers
    many of the good old ones are not made anymore -- found used ???

    regarding your upgrading of parts if you buy the China set up
    there are vendors on site that carry the up grades needed

    ride that thing
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  9. pozory

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    My friend, who doesn't share my enthusiasm for motorized bicycles, said "better buy a Komar". Komar(Mosquito) is a Polish moped from 70's. Here is the photo

    Komar was a very first bike I've ever ridden. My grandpa had bought it for my mum, she used to commute on it to school in 70's. It was painted in brilliant blue and white. To this day I have scar on my feet from exhaust pipe when I was ridding, sitting on a fuel tank, with my cousin. My cousin took it and it's gone.

    I think it could by a great project bike. Latest come from 1983, mostly in poor condition and need a lot of work. Prices on our ebay (Allegro) start from 1 zł - 30 cents. I will consider buying one, it's part of my childhood :D
  10. cooltoy

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    It is true that a bike like the Komar would be your best bet. Have you ever thought about using a "push trailer"? It could offer you a place to store your belongings and could be run with a good Honda 4-stroke for a very modest price.
  11. ZnsaneRyder

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    Main problems I see with them are NONE. They are fabulous! Motored Bikes are AWESOME!

    Problem people have, is they don't see the value of a bicycle, especially a motorized one, and assume they cost nothing, and don't realize they cost several hundred dollars or more!
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    don't think we can call that Komar a moped -- I didn't see any pedals
    that one in the picture looks to be a motor bike -- scooter

    anyway -- didn't think that your thread was going to wander off
    to all these very hard to find in good condition MB THINGS

    if you are looking for a scooter -- there are scooter shops in most cities
    Vespa is a long time fine machine

    if looking for motorized bicycle
    just putting this out there -- getting back on track maybe

    Station Company Robin 35cc chain drive ? Simple - run true and long

    also -- Quenton -- a gentleman here on site
    has a very sweet motor bike machine coming out soon

    get one and ride that thing
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