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    My friend/boss has been pulled over a few times on his 80cc HT kid's bike, and they asked some questions like "what's the horsepower?" or "how fast can it go?" He said he wasn't sure of the horsepower but it must be 1.5-2 :laugh4: and that it can only go about 25 before it gets too shaky to drive and he keeps it 20 or under. Apparently those were the magic words and the cop drove off and there were no problems :grin5:

    It's important the cops know there's a Maine law specifically for motorized bicycles, so they don't mistakenly charge you for an unregistered moped (anything over 50cc is a motorcycle, apparently anything under is a moped...or something like that). Those are the laws posted on the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website, which is apparently outdated. The new (2007 amendment) laws are...right here

    So, it's my understanding that it's all good to have whatever size engine you want (66cc, 48cc whatever, as long as it can't go more than 25mph?-and how could they tell?-) And you have to ride it on the side of the road, not the center, because it falls under the same category as a bicycle. So the real thing to watch out for is to never get caught going more than 25, or it'll fall under the moped category and you'll have to pay lots of $$$ to get it registered.