Major Desing Project for school, help would be appreciated if possible

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    Im in year 12 and am needing help with my project.

    My project is that i am making a trike with engine assist, would anybody be able to help my in building the back end of a trike ?

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    Do you have to actually build the motor trike or just design it?
    Do you have a motor yet? If not, an electric hub motor would be easiest. Next easiest would be a gas friction motor.
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    I've got to build the trike which sucks because im limited on time?
    I have an 80cc motor so that isnt a problem but could you reccomend any tips to building the back end of the trike?
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    Installing a ready to fit trike kit sounds like the go, but your teacher might not approve if you "really" didnt make it, just steal the kits idea if thats the case -, dont make the wheels too far apart cause of flex , make SURE you use a steel frame... alloy explodes with MBs... a trike would do it quicker.
    Little helps still help.
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    If you do make the rear wheels width far apart make sure the axels well strong, wide rear ends help cornering at speed.
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    Oh ah one last...
    steels good also cause of weldability for any time saving dodgeness, and......
    MAYBE??? a lazy wheel?
    stop shuddering around crners.
    Youd either have to go real lame slow around em or in full noise, agro cat like readyness knowing it'll step out a bit, like a lame shudderd drift.
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    Got a some questions for you.

    1) Are you fixated on building a Delta trike (2 rear, one front wheel), or are you open to making it a tadpole trike (1 rear, 2 front wheels)?

    2) If it is to be a Delta trike, do you want power to both rear wheels, or is one sufficient (possibly one pedal powered, the other engine powered)?

    3) Are you aware of the various advantages/disadvantages of the principal different geometry classes of each type? Specifically, tadpoles typically corner a LOT BETTER than do deltas, but a lot of that can be offset by a crank-forward delta design.

    Personally, I'd suggest a tadpole design with either a rack mount or a behind the seat mount for the engine. Unless you are planning on a rear suspension the geometry for design is simple and straight forward - even with suspension, it isn't all that complex.

    Feel free to ask questions. I'd suggest you start a thread in the Trike Forum, maybe titled "My Design Project".
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    "I'd suggest you start a thread in the Trike Forum" mind linking me? ima super newb to this
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    This might be a solution to the "peg-leg" effect of a solid axel, kinda spendy but it would do the job:helmet:

    The axels could be machined for a proper fit to the wheels. Dual disk brakes on the back axel could be fitted, too, 1 on each side of the axel, would add about $90 or less to the axel. You wouldn't need hydralic brakes, dual mechanical brakes would haul this bike to a stop in no time.

    Two examples of brakes, I think for the price difference the Airhart brakes are the best but the other set would stop you nearly as well:cool2:
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    great info

    Looks like a lot of good info there.
    From everyone
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    thanks for this :) any idea as where buy one?