make 6 volt white wire to 12 volt?

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    I've been thinking.. and instead of needing to order that $$$ magneto coil from ebay, would something like this work?

    Forgive me if it wont at all.. I'm fairly clueless about this stuff. Just figured i'd ask!!


    I get a lot of stuff from them because its cheap, but before I wasted my money, I wanted to know if it would work.

    Here's a picture for those of you who don't like to click links haha
    . sku_301234_4.jpg sku_301234_2.jpg sku_301234_1.jpg

    The specs are as follows:

    Function and role of the module:

    1 low input voltage, high output voltage . Achieve boost function.

    2 The output voltage is adjustable.

    3 ultra-small size , using 7805 as a three-terminal regulator IC pin TO220 package.

    Input voltage range :3.6-30V.

    The output voltage range , the output voltage 3.8V to 36V.

    Output Voltage Regulator Features: Load regulation is less than 5%.

    Output Current : IC internal switch of this module is 1.5A , but for security and heat considerations, recommended load power consumption of the module is less than 0.8W, which is the output of 5V, load in less than 160MA.

    Note : The higher the negative output , load capacity will be relatively decreased .

    Conversion efficiency of about 78% , depending on the pressure a little bit of input and output , less output voltage ripple 80MV.


    When used, note : Be sure to pick an input and output pin is greater than 100UF electrolytic capacitor to ground. Input and output filter capacitor is connected to the positive input pin , negative ground , capacitor voltage must be greater than the input and output voltages.

    Also: if you want to use a battery boost , ordinary cell phone batteries, and 18650 can be directly boost , while nominal 1.2V or 1.5V battery # 5 or # 7 below 3V batteries , etc. , to three strung together to boost .

    With all that being said, would this be efficient to run, say, a LED headlamp rated for 12V? Or even a halogen 12V fog light?

    Again, I apologize for my lack of knowledge!!

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    I think that is a question for the place that sells it
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    It says in the description - recommended load is 0.8 watts which is 5 volts @ 160 milliamps. Your not going to be able to run a 12 volt halogen fog lamp. Watts = volts X amps. You'll probably need 55 watts to run a 12 volt halogen for lamp. So to run a 55 watt lamp you'd need to generate approximately 4.5 amps which is way beyond the capacity of the above device and any white wire or Ebay magneto system.

    Just buy and Cree and you'll save yourself some money and lots of time. You can buy a decent Cree for under $30 and buy a larger capacity battery pack or a back up set for pretty cheap.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
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    In my opinion, the voltage booster will not allow you to run 12v bulbs on a 6v input. it would siphon even more energy from your ignition system too. I would run 6v lights from the white wire or use battery power if you need 12v lighting.
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    I guess I should have mentioned my current setup first.

    As of now, I have the white wire running through a half wave rectifier, the positive and negative go to a rechargeable 6 volt sealed less acid battery that is 4.5AH.

    I was hoping to use the step up on the battery. Sorry for any confusion.
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    Forgot to mention, the battery is trickle charged by the white wire running to the rectifier.

    All of this is in a box enclosure from radio shack, and has a switch to shut off the current light I have hooked up ($20 police flashlight from auto zone).

    My hope was to use the step up on the battery to use a 12v source only at night for a short period of time.
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    Cool. That's similar to an automotive setup. The module may be worth a try.
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    With the exception of certain batteries being able to use balancing chargers, most batteries cannot charge and discharge at the same time. Even with a balancing charger, it only charges one cell at a time while allowing the other cells to discharge, thereby also potentially increasing the load on the rest of the cells. But that's not really relevant to your answer, since your battery cannot even use a balancing charger. The point is, when the battery is charging, whatever is using power in your system is drawing power from your generator, in this case your white wire. So while the engine is running, the white wire is charging the battery in addition to powering everything else. Therefore, a 12v light is going to draw the same amount of power from your white wire that it will draw from a battery. Now if you're saying that you want to keep the battery and white wire the same and use a voltage doubler to double the battery output, it might work. Provided that the load on the battery is not more than what it's getting from the charging source.