Make A Gas Tank or Pay to have it made

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  1. White Sox Fan

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    Hello Fellas

    Jumpin in with both feet here, and have no clue on how to build a gas tank for my 1950 Hawthorne frame.

    Lookin for a how to on making an in frame tank

    thanks, pat

  2. Frankfort MB's

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    Here was my idea on an inframe tank, my bike had the original tank and I wanted to keep the rat rod patina look so what I did was build a box inside a box:)

    It added up too be around 70$ in materials.... I had it made by my welding instructor but he didn't like the idea I had a timeline. So I finished it up, I think it turned out perfect:D

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  3. Frankenstein

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    Well, I can say that aluminum is one of the easiest materials to work with, and it's relatively easy to aquire, and cheap, and light. Very light. I use vulcan g-51 braze rods for aluminum. It's a breeze to join nearly all aluminum parts together with no effort.

    What I'm getting at is if I wanted to make my own, I'd go that route. On another note, I'm currently building a round barrel shaped tank from a 5L hieneken beer dispenser. I thought it was aluminum, but it's actually steel. I have some seal-all, a gas and oil resistant adhesive, and an old tank, and some closed-end rivets. I'll chop shop it together, spray paint it black, and strap it on baby. Ahem, yeah Uh... Well I'm going to make it work, can't do welding effectively, the vibration would tear the tank apart if I welded, so carefully placed adhesive rivets will do.

    I had a suzuki ts125 gas tank on it, but it leaked too much and I'm not sure I want to seal it or anything, I might just pull the gas cap and fill tube area and use that as my cap area (it's a flip open cap, can't be taken off and lost, and can be locked if parked in a questionable area.) also would pull the petcock area too, as it's a brand new petcock, and it's got mounting holes already made for bolts.