Make an intake silencer- how to

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    After making an exhaust that is really quiet, I can hear the intake roar over everything else on my stealth bike. The engine is the Hf 79 and I wanted to retain the stock aircleaner. It is sealed up except for slots on the side.

    I intended to make an adapter that captures the air off the stock deal, and connect it to another (sound attentuated) box, but after doing just the capture box- the noise level is so much lower that I may not do the second one.
    Just like on a car- there is a container that leads to a snout of sorts.
    Here is a pic- 2 screws and a slip joint hold the capture box on, it is made of sheet metal gas welded together. a little crude but very effective (like most of the stuff I make),and will be buried out of sight behind a package carry bag anyway.

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