Engine Trouble make clutch pads from tires?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jatgm1, May 19, 2016.

  1. jatgm1

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    i looked online for clutch pads for my gas bicycle, and they kind look to me like little pieces of a tire. is is possible to just cut pieces of a tire to the right size and thickness and then use them as clutch pads? if not, what are clutch pads for a 2 stroke 66cc grubee kit made of and which pads are the longest lasting and best for the engine?

  2. 45u

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    I did some looking and some look like the are made from old tires but not all of them are.
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  3. jatgm1

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    whats the stock material? and what are tires made from? bc i just replaced an old moped tire and have the old one, and my pads may be going, so if i can put it to good use f it why not?
  4. 45u

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    The moped tire might not be thick enough. Have you ever tried to cut a tire? A set of pads can be had for less then $5. Are you even sure the pads are going? Is the clutch adjusted properly? Why do you thing they are going.
  5. jatgm1

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    they keep starting to slip and then i have to adjust the flower nut. i assume thats because the pads are being eaten up, and i figure theres only so much there so ill have to replace them eventually. and a good set of shearers will go through rubber.
    i was only asking if you knew if the composition of tires is the same as the composition of the stock clutch pads or close enough, because if it is i might as well do something with this tire that will otherwise go to waste.
  6. butre

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    how old is the kit? could be cable stretch
  7. jatgm1

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    its new and i have already replaced the original clutch cable. the one they sent was garbage. that could be why, however the question is what the stock clutch pads are made of. regardless of what is causing me to have to keep adjusting the flower nut, the pads cant last forever. since i already have a tire, if the clutch pads are made of the same material as the tire then throwing the tire out would be a waste, as it could be made into multiple clutch pads. does anyone know what the stock clutch pads are made from?
  8. skyash

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    i had red pads like pencil rubber that slip all the time so i got black ones and thay are good look like Tyre but are full metal like strands in them and like crumble if you bend them when they burn they smell like car clutch . your idea i wood try it cant hurt car tyre is probably the best thing to use just a pain to cut out little blocks
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    I've been through three 2 stroke china girls now and I have examined the clutch pads: they are very hard to wear down! I have extra sets of clutch pucks that I bought long ago but I have never come close to needing them.

    I would like to know about others' experiments with clutch pad material. It gets hot down there - I would think you would want to shy away from rubberized material.
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