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  1. final chapt. in the soggy 001.jpg final chapt. in the soggy 002.jpg I find I never posted my brake project here,just the engine kit forum. I was getting too many warts on my butt with a rigid fork on my 6-1/2 HP Monarch so went to a Cerriani I used on a Hodaka in the 70's when my kid was 12 riding trials front fender 002.jpg . It had a Hodaka drum brake and 19 X 2.75 tire. It wouldn't stop very well either. I had an 18 X 2.75 with a big disk. I bought a mechanical go-kart caliper and it turned out to be a winner. The rear was sorta poor with a Worksman foot-actuated coaster brake , so replaced it with a bike rim caliper with the foot peddle. The thing runs in the mid 50's and now I feel safe with the stopping ability. Note in the last picture I added a 20" bike fender to keep slop off the engine. The overlay bracket has half-tubes welded to it secured to the fork with hose clamps, as is the caliper mounting.
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    You've got a pretty serious brake there.

    Nice job.