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  1. I had a thought about my 6-1/2 HP Monarch with the 3 speed Sturmey Archer tranny as a jackshaft. It went harder than it stopped (around 55) so I put a light Cerriani fork and narrow motorcycle 18" wheel with a big disk on it. I mounted a manual go-kart caliper on it and I think I could do a stoppy with it, but the rear coaster converted to rim caliper sucks. I just realized I can do the same to mount a caliper disc on it as I did to mount the drive sprocket. It is a split magnesium drum clamping the coaster brake housing with a hole for the oiler to keep it from slipping. I can also stick a setscrew in the oil hole if necessary. Anyhow the sprocket end has a large diameter into which are screwed 3 spacers through the spokes. If I make a new drum with a large flange on both sides I can mount a disk the same way. The calipers are reasonably priced on Ebay

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    I was thinking about this for a mountain bike, and I was thinking that the SBP shifter kit might actually be really good here. Since it uses the bike's regular rear sprockets, you can use a bike with disc brakes and not have to take the rear one off. The unfortunate part of this setup is that it's impossible with this system to use the engine as a brake.

    It sounds like you've done something pretty similar here, just approaching it from the opposite direction. Do you have pictures of your setup? I'd love to see.
  3. I think I stuck the front brake system in and the rear drum with the sprocket. I will go shoot the rear hub and sprocket detail for you. Hang on.
  4. rear sprocket hub

    Here is the rear split hub that mounts the drive sprocket through 3 pegs through spokes

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