Making 2-stroke assembly easier... question for all and vendors

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bakaneko, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. bakaneko

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    Hello. Maybe dumb; maybe smart. 2-stroke assembly can be daunting for those without mechanical or shop experience. So... why don't vendors pre-assemble the kit as much as possible and ship it like that. I would imagine that the motor, muffler, mounts (nuts loose), chain threaded in the sprocket (sprocket filed if needed), carburetor, and wiring can be assembled. The buyer would simply need to mount the engine, attach the throttle and clutch handles, assembly the wheel sprocket, and attach the chain.

    Even better is if the vendor can pre-fire up the engine to insure that it is working. The best would be an engine that is already broken in properly and ready to go full blast for the buyer. I guess assembling the kit is part of the enjoyment for some but many would simply like to ride as soon as possible.

    Just a thought.

  2. skyash

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    4 stroke motor comes pretty together the motor that is. Still have to do the rest.and one China company has a picture of them testing the motors to what rev or power out put I don't know. I bet thay say if the piston go's up and down its perfect ship it out lol
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    yeh, i understand the consumer point of the 4-stroke but the 2-stroke is something else.
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    And if the company that makes them dose eny thing better the price will go up. A 66 cc China motor not even worth buying a better motor in the kit would be the go 4 stroke 2 stroke don't matter my 49 cc pocket bike motor leaves those motors for dead and runs like that out the box put it with a 4 stroke mount kit and there new motor kit for bikes. Or ktm 50 engine just need to sell it with a mounting kit I would by it straight away. Floorless running something I dream about