Making a 1 1/8 inch steer tube fit in a 1 inch neck tube.

Wevil Knievel

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Apr 5, 2021
I recently scored a 1 1/8 in neck tube Triple Tree set of forks and unfortunately the neck tube was 1 in and the steer tube was 1 1/8.

To make a 1 1/8 in fork steer tube fit into a 1 inch neck tube all you have to do is take a 1 1/8 inch neck tube cut it in half sand it out a little bit pound it down onto the existing 1 inch neck tube and put your cups back on. No welding required.

Its not as hard as it sounds. See my photos.

It works like a charm.( I will post pictures tomorrow morning when it is daylight outside.)
Sorry about the lag.


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I applaud your creativity

IDK It looks like a sloppy fit to begin with
Even though ya pounded the sleeves on, The frame neck takes a beating especially on bumpy roads and just dropping off curbs etc...
It's gonna loosen up and get sloppy. Sloppy in that area can cause the frame tube to break at the neck

If you could weld those sleeves in place then it should be OK forever