Making a rear wheel out of a front wheel - looks like it will work

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  1. jacksbike

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    What I am doing is making a rear wheel out of a front wheel
    1) Cut the hub off a junk rear wheel (1 that fits your sprocket)
    2) on one side of the front wheel shaft remove the bearing and slide the hub over the shaft - but leave a little nub on the hub - ha
    3) screw on your tapered bearing guide and a lock nut.
    Thats the basics - you can drill through the hubs spoke holes into the sprocket - and just add screws to hold in place.
    4)I used 2 rubber gaskets on the outside and 1 inner.
    It got dark so will have to wait till tommorrow to finish tightening the bolts -
    did a quick check for clearance on the bike - looks good so far..

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  2. jacksbike

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    Everything is working great so far - Removed the regular bicycle chain so no way to pedal - but all you need is a slight slope and there are plenty of those.... so it works - I just didnt want to spend 80 bucks on a rear wheel off ebay - at least I know this one has a straight rim...
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    nice job i never would have thought of that
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    yes. nice job. alot of work for a back wheel.. :) Looks good.