Making an In-frame gas tank

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    I saw an instructional somewhere on how to do this but I can't seem to find it again, and I know it is possible on my Fito Modena Sport beach cruiser. I basically want to know what materials I need (what is the gas resistant foam called, what works for a gas cap), or better yet a link to the instructional I can't seem to find again or a different one. Thanks!

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    ive been wanting to do this,but it sounds like alot of trouble
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    The Fito top tube will only hold like 16oz of liquid, sorry, I have the exact amount but my server is down.
    I drilled it and tested it with water.

    Anyway not near worth the effort even if you didn't mind a 10-15 mile range.
    Nothing inside is sealed either, it leaks everywhere inside.

    Should you power on anyway, Caswell is the stuff to use to seal a gas tank.
    Best read up on the stuff before using as it is like a super epoxy that will stick to anything and impervious to any chemical.
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    It's not worth the hassle, that top bar will only hold ~2-3 cups of fuel.
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    almost 3/4 of a gallon
    some felts more
    Phantoms are close to a gallon