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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Holly, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Holly

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    There is either one guy with a couple different motorized bikes or two guys each with their own bikes, that ride past my house daily. The bikes are different, but the men both have light colored beards. I have him/them to thank for getting my wheels spinning with this project. I'm pretty good now at hearing the little engine and hope to be actually outside one of these times. My question for the MB veterans is would it be rude of me to flag him down to make a pal and check out his bike(s)? Is there any informal etiquette?

  2. bakaneko

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    You must present a goat, 2 bales of corn, and barrel of apples for an offering for the first meeting!..

    There isn't an informal etiquette or any secret handshake. I think you can just wave them down or wave them when you have your bike with you and introduce yourself and your plans to make a bike too. Probably not good to stand in their path or signal in such a way that might cause them to swerve thats a no-no for any cyclist.

    I saw your post in the other thread. I think you should consider getting a 4-stroke if it fits your bike. I think they are just more reliable and with you in the healing stage it will suck to be stuck 4-5 miles out with an engine failure and have to pedal or push the bike home. Just my opinion.
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  3. Holly

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    Thanks for the laugh! I will look into the 4 stroke. Thank you.
  4. jaguar

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    If you can catch up to them on your own MB then they'd probably be impressed and willing to talk to you
  5. Steve Best

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    I step up and talk to guys everywhere about stuff that interests me.
    Most of the time people welcome the interest.
    A big goofy smile, ask a few questions and let them talk. They'll love you.

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  6. Madd Matt

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    Absolutely, wave them down and ask sincere questions. If they are anything at all like the rest of the motorbike community, once you get them talking the question is how you will get them to shut up..:D Guys normally like talking to girls!!! (to start with) and asking about their motorbike is another plus! GO for it Gal, you can't lose. Just like Steve said, 'big goofy smile, a couple of questions' and you're off to the races..;)
    Madd Matt