Exhaust Making longer down tube for muffler? (searched)

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    I am currently building a chopper and wanted to extend the length of the stock pipe, but keeping the muffler of course. I want to bring it down the opposite drive side chainstay and exit.

    I want to keep the muffler for the back pressure and make the pipe out of electrical conduit so i can bend it up to customize it, then weld it all together.

    Anyone do this?:detective:

  2. ENO

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    Exhaust pipe extension

    Hey Djeeper..ENO (Down Under)..(OCC Chopper Stingray) Why dont you just go and visit the local (small time) Muffler Man..We paid him $15 AU and he nipped off the flange, fitted and rewelded the extension, fitted with the bike there so it sat right and made it so it sits under the left side of the Chopper. Good welds and sounds a little deeper..Have attached pic..See ya ENO

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  3. Mountainman

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    that's what I would also do
    we have a fine local muffler shop right down the mountain

    can not beat a man at his trade !!


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    well... i have the ability to mig and tig weld....and i would prefer to do it myself.

    I was just wondering about the engine performance.... but i think as long as i keep the muffler in tact it will be ok..
  5. Mountainman

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    takes a little ((very little)) away from performance

    as -- most already know
    anytime we add any length to a tailpipe
    or any added bends
    takes a little ((very little)) away from the over all performance

    noticeable -- probabaly not

    as we ride those MB things