Making MB legal in Pennsylvania? Lets start something

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    So I know there are more than enough MB enthusiasts in Pennsylvania and I'm sure we'd have more if our laws weren't so screwed up. I know in some states putting an engine on a bicycle is simply known as an assisted bicycle.

    Pa seems to think if I got into a accident on a bicycle at 20 with a motor it's a different scenario from if the same happened on a regular bicycle at the same speed. I had a cop follow me home with questions, nothing rude or trying to give me a ticket, but he was curious about registration and my lighting, which at the time meets all requirements for a bicycle. He liked my bike and could tell I put a good deal of work into it and when he heard 100-150 MPG he saw why.

    So where are we in any form of legal process? I'm about 2 hours away from Harrisburg and drive through Harrisburg to go home. I'm going to look into meeting with someone, still need to see who would be best fit for this case. I'm going to see if a petition will be of any help and what else I can do. The problem is going to be I am only in college for another year and a half, more than likely if anything comes of this it will be long after my years up here where I am trying to save the money.

    So who has some information to help me out with this?

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    Nope they aren't, he is from my home town and I've talked to him extensively. He has several thousand dollars into making his legal, far more work than I deem the point of the build for me. He was working to get his legal for months.
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    AHHHH what a drag!I'm guessing he got it classified as a motorcycle?Depending how daring you are, maybe a well disguised rack-mount, pedal when you THINK you see a copper,... and a little of,...UM,... what are those Judas Priest lyrics,... "breaking the law breaking the law".
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    I don't know Pa but do you live close enough to say you live in the next state over tell them you just go to collage in Pa but live in the next state over. get on the net and Find a private post off box with an regular address in that other state and get a state ID from that state.
    Do not know if it would work but it's worth a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:devilish::whistling::devi2l::scooter::clap::79::79::banana:.
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    I can't imagine that going as fluently as you described, haha. I mean yes we are only 40 minutes from New York, however my residency is Pennsylvania at home and college. It would be pretty much impossible to try that.

    Honestly I'm waiting for his answer, he wants to look into this cause he feels given the information I told him there will be more of these in the future. Will he help me find a legal loophole? Who knows, but right now I'm getting ready to tear it down and sell what I can. Sucks cause I've had the thing less than a week and he stopped my on my birthday, oh well. The law is the law and Pa sure has a ****ty one.
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    Good luck I thought Texas had F**ked up, keep me posted. If worse comes to worse instead of tearing it down leave it together and sell it on the New York's Craigslist ebay also offers a free classifieds add section as well:gossip::banghead::behead::hanged:
    I know this birthday sucked believe me I know the feeling I got rob 1year, fired the next year and arrested then years all on my birthday . I was so scared to even go out of the house the next 3 HAHA!!! I'm so glad that was years ago and behind me I look back now and lafgh.
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    I live in another state with fairly well defined MAB regs that I'm able to live with. I cannot help you directly with PA. Your request seems earnest and your approach seems methodical and I sincerely wish you good results with it.

    I'd say keep up with what you're doing, ask questions and try to find effective inroads into legislative circles of influence to see where your efforts, and that of others you might enlist in the same jurisdiction, might best effect results. You're trying to do things the right way so I'd caution against being much influenced by anonymous users on the Internet suggesting half-baked schemes to be sneaky, flaunt the law or exploit imagined 'gray' areas of it.
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    New York requires anything with a motor to be tagged. I bought a scrap moped with a registration and turned it into my bike. Think about that route.
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    Yeah I can sniff out the **** advice from the good information. I mostly want to know what efforts people have already taken on the matter in PA.
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    Ahhh come on now, I said "depending how daring you are", if you're daring it's great advise, if you play by the rules it's madness.I'm just lucky that it's cool here, it wouldn't have stopped me if it wasn't, a little civil disobedience does the soul good.
    I hope you don't stop motorbiking either way.
    Check "warners" pics toward the bottom, is that half-baked?
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    You can open carry a colt .45 in Pa,,but cant ride a MB,,thats great!
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    penn state position on gas motor assisted bicycles with a standard frame and motor

    this is the responce i got from penn dot when i asked what are the current regulations for a bicycle that is bought from the store and has a gas motor added to it afterwords to assist with uphill riding on public roads, , , i hope this helps every one. i know it clarified alot of stuff for me

    Thank you for contacting Driver and Vehicle Services.

    As described, this vehicle will not fall under motor vehicle regulations. I apologize; however, I don't have any information regarding bicycle regulations. You may try contacting your local police to see if they have more information on bicycle regulations.

    Please do not send attachments, as these cannot be opened or processed at this location.

    Thank you for your inquiry,
    Jen Michaels
    PA Department of Transportation
    Personal information has been removed from this e-mail for your protection.
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