making my own 69er

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    im gonna try finding some 29 suspension forks that may fit a diamondback wildwood cruiser (which i decided to mount with a gebe)...i was gonna do a full suspenion mountan bike but the wheel clearance on cruisers are better as well as the upright position....being a tall guy who really dont need more back problems i would like an additional lift up front....of course i could do risers but im thinking a cruiser 69er with big apple tires would look kinda cool............and im thinking of installing a gas tank so the angle would drip fuel right into the existing tank on engine with less problems.....just let gravity do the work


  2. split_yer_wig

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    anyone know if 69ers are easy to control?
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    Sorry, but what's a 69'er...?
  4. BMX handlebars or even ape hangers. A must have item.
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    long forks and 29inch wheel up front and 26 in back.....wouldnt suggest doing on any bike though it might throw off balance......i imagine it would work best on cruiser because of wheel clearance and upright sitting
  6. actually this is perfect for motr bikes the extera height at the head tube causes your head angle to slaken.

    this results in slightly slower steering that won't be twitchy at speed. I am running a 20/24 0n a cruiser right now for my motor bike but I also have afew 69, 96,66, 99,,,,,, my best riding bike is my 05 redline monocog that started life as a 66 till i decided to lace up a 700c (29") rim w/ the stock suspesion corrected rigid fork.
    your stock rim is 559mm dia a 29 is 622mm so you will actually raise youur axle only 32 mm from there it gets different depnding on if you are adding suspension and if it had suspension before Most niner forks are based on a previos 26" fork w/ a longer stanchion and reduced travel by 20 mm so you will usually only gain10-20mm here unless you are replacing a non corected rigid in which case you will gain around 4" total
    doable yes, feasable yes, benificiall yes, safe = more so than w/ stock angles
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    thanks...........only 10-20mm huh?i have suspension shock forks....wonder if i can have them serviced and extended
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    Wildwood's had a 1 inch steer tube and you would have to make a 69er fork with that small a steer tube.
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    thanks............i also have a mongoose frame, dxr and a d1 series...maybe i will try with one of those full suspension bikes....hpefully the big apples would fit as well as a i said, i want to make a cadillac