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  1. John-Forrest

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    I'm sure all of you have had the experience of your bicycle pedal knocking against the engine or muffler. Is there any way to adjust axis of pedals so they are an inch away from engine? Or do you have to buy special pedals

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    That all depends on what kind of bottom bracket you have. If you have a 1 piece you can try and find a wider crank. If you have a 3 piece you can get either a wider spindle or some off set cranks.
  3. John-Forrest

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    I did some surfing on net, but couldn't find anything like "wider" cranks. They seem to be a universal size. I would think there are people with unusually wide legs who would also want something like this.

    The most obvious solution I can think of is bang on the left pedal so it clears the engine and muffler. Not a very good idea since then pedal would be awkward.

    We may have to waint until someone invents this. Or have narrower motors.

    Incidentally, cranksets are VERY expensive, more than the motors themselves!
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    On one piece cranks I heat them with a torch and bend them and then have them replated.

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    I'm not very sure about definitions here. Is "crank" that piece of metal inside the frame that turns sprocket around? Or is that the "axis"? Is metal arm that pedal is attached to "crank handle"? Not sure how to refer to it.
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  7. John-Forrest

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    Is there some way get special pedal arms that will clear the engine and muffler? Something kind of Z-shaped with right angles?
  8. loquin

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    What about pedal extensions? Threaded at one end to fit the crank, and to receive the pedal at the other?
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  9. mabman

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    Keep in mind those extensions are 9/16" and will only work on three piece cranks. For one piece cranks you need 1/2".
  10. John-Forrest

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    This sounds like it is getting closer to what I'm talking about. Just extending the pedals wouldn't make crank arm stop hitting engine. It's not the pedal that is problem, it's crank arm. Would there be an extension that make crank arm move out wider?
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    do you have a 1-piece 3-piece crank ?
  12. bluegoatwoods

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    I fixed that problem by working on the muffler itself.

    Took the muffler off and started drilling out the mounting holes. Go slow, just a bit at a time. As the hole got bigger with each drilling the muffler, when placed up against the engine was able to "turn" a bit until it reached the point that the crank arm cleared.
  13. Quenton Guenther

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    We make pedal extensions for the 1/2" cranksets
    Have fun,
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    Or you can do what I did. I have a 70s Schwinn Speedster and my left peddle hit the engine and needed about 3/4" more clearance so I took a towel, put it on the frame to prevent scratching and used a crowbar to bend the peddle outward... Gotta love quality built bikes, if I did that to a modern bike I am sure I would have either bent the frame or snapped the peddle clear off. :grin5:
  15. John-Forrest

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    Looks like crank is one piece if you mean steel arm that holds pedal. Anyone have a picture of a three piece crank, none of the bike parts places show it.

    I thought about doing something to muffler since that is main thing pedal keeps hitting. I also thought about just bending arm out.

    To EZmotorbike: I don't see that extension in your web page.
  16. lordoflightaz

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    If it is a one piece crank take a look at the instructions from live fast motors scroll down to step 10. This will show you the way to make the crank wider.
  17. John-Forrest

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    I finally resolved my pedal problem by installing a new bolt through frame that was a few mm wider which is all I needed. Turns out that bolt had to be replaced because pedals were rocking from side to side. I went to bike shop to find that out.

    Now I can pedal comfortably if I want to save some gas or run out.