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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bikewer, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Bikewer

    Bikewer New Member

    After a long two weeks for delivery, I got the carb rebuild kit for my little Tecumseh 2-stroke snowblower engine.

    Put in the new diaphragm and gasket and put the engine in my test stand. (built from the finest scrap lumber) Fired up on the second pull. Revs nicely, but obviously need some work on the low-speed circuit; it didn't want to idle without the choke on.
    No biggie; I just guessed at the screw positions.

    So, at least the engine runs. As I figure it, I'm going to use square-section tubing for the mounts, and I'll likely have to pull the motor-mounting studs and replace them with longer ones.

  2. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Sounds like a neat little project. You building a friction drive setup with the Sno-King?
  3. Bikewer

    Bikewer New Member

    No, it'll be a chain drive with a centrifugal clutch. The output shaft has a standard 5/8" keyed section; a clutch should just bolt on.