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    I took the video for this with a go pro camera and edited it with iMovie. My first attempt at both. I had to go to the mall to get some phone issue's straightened out and I hate to go there in the car. Now I have a new favorite way to go and to be quite frank it is probably faster to boot!

    Many of you will recognize Jim G's bike as the star of the show!

  2. srdavo

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    cool video....nice job.....really loved the sound track! ya can't go wrong with Johnnie !!
    who was the other artist? I liked that too!

    sometimes faster is not better...I find myself taking the long way home.
  3. mikem

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    Nice ride ... cool video! Looking forward to Part II ........... :scooter:
  4. mabman

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    Kept it in the family, Roseanne Cash doing a cover of an old Paul Simon tune.

    Faster and funner is the win win situation!

    There are 2 prototypes actually and the hardtail is a bit further along in development. Trying to sort out the drivetrain and should have it down before too long.
    And MikeM the prototyping is being performed at a facility right there in MI.
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